Friday, 12 November 2010

Wardrobe Watch

This weeks wardrobe was very much dictated by the internal collapse of my uterus, clothes need to be machine washable and subject to a quick change if necessary. This coupled with what can only be described as inclement weather led to some comfort dressing this week.
Once again I appear to have gone from lightweight jacket straight to the duck down puffa coat with no degrees of wool coat in between.


Skirt M&S
Cardie COS
This cardie did come in a very garish mustard which I noticed another outfit blogger had bought but she is blonde and somehow it worked better on her, I of course love nothing better than a grey cardie. This one ticks so many boxes I wish I had bought two as I like my clothes to stay looking pristine for a year, but I have already worn this to death at the weekend I love it so much.


Dress COS
Top Uniqlo
Whenever I wear this dress now I think of Belgian Waffle's rant about Japanese asymmetry. I saw someone wearing this dress at Frieze Art Fair she had layered it over a long sleeved top, this is a Uniqlo thermal one which works well. I am making more of an effort to layer below rather than shroud above with loose cardies, it creates a better silhouette and work wise I drag far less in my wake!


Cardie COS
Trousers Primark
By now my reserves are low so very slouchy, that said I still feel it echoes my Yohji mantra.


Dress Phase Eight
Cardie Muji
Not much Yohji here but I have loved this dress so much, it makes you feel quite girly to have so much fabric swishing around.


Jumper COS
Trousers Zara*
This is about as close as I get to echoing that Stella McCartney silhouette, again one of those 'wearing it..' blogger's had bought the same trousers, they are the only item I have purchased from the normally very productive Zara. I have found the prices higher but quality lower and the styles verging on frump. Another outlet bites the dust joining such luminaries as Monsoon, Jigsaw, Kew, Coast etc etc etc..Mmmm maybe I should check out this ACNE store!



Looking Fab in your forties said...

Yes I agree I have gone straight frm lightweight jacket to down filled puffa! Hope you are OK, I am just trying to catch up with blogs, what has happened to you?

materfamilias said...

I love Monday's cardi and Tuesday's dress with its drapey folds. And I'm surprised how much I like that clean Friday silhouette on you -- different from what you usually do, but it works well. I know exactly what you mean about that swishy-girly dress feeling, re Thursday's.
Still in wool coats here, but there's been frost at night and I'm going to make sure I've got the heavier gloves out over the weekend. Time to hunker down now 'til oh, say, March or April . . .

indigo16 said...

Looking Fab, one word, marking. I am criusing some blogs next week playing catch up.
Mater, generous in praise as always. Friday's style may yet see another outing! although I felt quite naked!!

Cette Hosiery said...

I mostly like the outfit for friday because it is simple and will fit on my busy life. Thanks for your tips.