Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A very traditional Christmas

I have split up the photographs otherwise you might doze off half way through scrolling down. The following fall very much into the 'traditional' camp starting with Pickett, a shop in the Burlington Arcade that sells beautiful jewellery and luxury goods, perfect for Christmas.

From the Burlington Arcade cross the road to another institution, Fortnum & Mason, the side windows are a stunning tableaux crammed with much to covet.

Including this chain necklace hanging on the branch below, just once it would be nice to live with someone who gave such a gift. The girls father was a fabulous present giver and I do miss that thrill of opening a beautifully wrapped present. Emin point blank refuses to participate in any such cycle of obligation, he feels that somehow it would bring into question his alpha male status. What a twat!

Finally French Sole
I pressed my nose at the window dreaming if only......are they not just edible?

I think it is fairly obvious how much I am loving London at this time of year, this Saturday lark is great fun, but primarily because we do such great festive windows, however before Christmas Day has arrived the sale signs will be up and I think there will be far less to photograph, so I am enjoying it whilst I can.


materfamilias said...

oh my! nothing boringly traditional about these windows, although they do evoke traditional very richly.

La Belette Rouge said...

Those windows are like out of a movie. I have never seen anything so gorgeous. I totally agree that those French Soles look delectable and delicious.