Monday, 23 May 2011

It's not all about me...honestly

Honesty, it's a funny thing being honest, I read recently about yet another author exposed for embellishing the truth in a way that Faberge embellishes eggs. He had written about his experiences working in Pakistan I think, but once the book became common currency via Oprah the cracks turned into canyon's and it was it seems a tissue of lies, or fiction..Which begs the question, why not just publish it as fiction? Or is that just too simple a concept?

On the subject of lies I then flicked through a trash publication the other day only to read about a journalist who posted lies onto her Facebook page, it seems people now feel they should be seen to live the dream even when they are not, I could not really put my finger what I found more tasteless, the initial stupid lie or the fact she was then writing about it and making money from the fact that she was a fantasist, or did she make it all up just to write the piece in the first place? The line between fact and fiction is so very fine how would we know?

I say this because for me I write with a brutal honesty and yet I can imagine my family reading this and not recognising me at all. Is this in fact just an edited slice of my life? Just a thought really.

Anyway down to business. How much do I LOVE this dress? Does anyone remember a blog called The Thoughtful Dresser? It was one of those blogs that I think used blogger's to assemble the grist for a book, but it was a good hub and spoke for ideas and sartorial conundrums, one such was glamorous dressing without exposing hideous underarm flesh. Well I give you this...

Haider Ackermann Is this not glorious?

Saturday was all about Kitty, we needed to find her a pretty silver beaded bag and sandals to wear with her graduation/prom dress. She has booked her hair appointment and despite loathing school she is determined to leave in style. So good for her bad for my purse, I get NO vicarious pleasure shopping for others..NONE That said we ticked the boxes and she then went on to tick a shed load more. Whilst waiting for her to try clothes on in Zara I ached to buy the following.

I have mentally made a note not to wear animal print but this dress was lovely and was very fluid, it looks better in the flesh than in the photograph but in the end I decided it was a no.

These trousers were just divine, but cried out for a crisp white shirt which sadly for me would act as a shit magnet for every tiny splash of dirty water, spitting fat and spilt tea, so it was with a heavy heart I left it on the rack, nothing do do with my arse creating it's very own op art headache.

I will be very honest and say that I loved this shirt so much had they had my size I would have crumbled, it was so very, very pretty.

I loved the heavy linen of this skirt, it was very full and would look lovely with black, but... did I need it? So left it.

Finally I really did think maybe... but then... maybe not!

I would like to say I went to COS and bought nothing, but I will be brutally honest and confess that I tried on many, many black dresses , but they were all way too small making me feel Gulliver in the land of little people.

I did buy a lovely navy t shirt with a kind of square Devore pattern.

Honestly? It kills me to not spend but It will get easier I know, how often do I eat chocolate now? Not very, and I was once a chocoholic. so I can do it.

We finished the day sharing some Thai food, I put away the camera to focus on Kitty and now I have Thursday at Chelsea to look forward to can't wait.


materfamilias said...

I'm having to stay outside the shops in order to resist buying new. I did get my shoes for my daughter's wedding, an easily-sanctioned purchase, but I'm trying to resist anything else. And it's soooo tough. Yet I have more clothes than I seem to be able to wear, and I'm determined to winnow. Winnow and appreciate.
You did quite well if you walked away from a shopping excursion like that with only one purchase. I'm trying not to be an enabler and tell you to go back for the red jeans, but really, you could so rock those. . . .

although as a cautionary note, my verification word, believe it or not, is "mismash"

materfamilias said...
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Mardel said...

So many pretty things, and I've been coveting red jeans. But there are no shops nearby with anything I want so that is a blessing I think, and I am trying to resist the call of the internet.

I have winnowed a great deal, and am trying to find new ways to wear what I have and often surprise myself. That doesn't mean the urge for something new has left though.

Liberty London Girl said...

I have that Zara dress - but I have the snake print version - it's almost identical. As does Lucy Yeomans of Harper's and a load of US fashion PRs. It is my go-to summer frock. LLGxx