Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The view from here

EVERYWHERE you look bloody roadworks, right across town the sound of tarmac being kanga'd up by men in high vis' vests scratching their balls and lounging around watching the one man who controls the digger.

Testing another ap' yes I am addicted, bothered?

Warehouse, a shop I avoid, does have a deliciously celebratory window.

This huntin', shootin', fishin' shop is somewhere around St James Street, love the whole old world charm thing going on.

Camden passage delights, the shops here are soooo lovely, I will really miss this place when Leyla finishes Saturday school.

Just before Easter I had collected Leyla and promised her an ice cream, not easy to find round here but I did spy a shop selling frozen yogurt, she bought a tub at an eye watering £4.50 but enjoyed it so much that when I forgot to bring home her Friday treat last week I foolishly promised her another.

Back we went, and this time she loaded up, promising to share.... Well you just know that wasn't going to happen, I took two mouthfuls before she threw a big fat strop and declared that I was eating all of it and there was barely a mouthful left for her. I can promise you there was plenty, luckily after the 5oth mouthful she got brain freeze so there is some justice in the world! But I then though £5.00 is a ridiculous amount of money for some yogurt and fruit, you can buy a book for that, so I declared it would be the last.

Today I will buy a lottery ticket and when I win I will fulfil a small dream by going to live in Istanbul, that way Leyla gets to polish her Turkish and Emin can work on his house during the week flying back for the weekend for good food and fine conversation.

I will document the underbelly of the city self publishing the outcome to rave reviews and creating an iconic best seller....no? I did say when I win!


materfamilias said...

That app seems to emphasize the red and green in the first four or five photos, so that there's a Christmas vibe going on. . .
We certainly noticed the roadworks! You're doing lots of work to be ready for the Olympics next summer and it looks as if it will be a rush to the finish line, not just for the athletes.

Anonymous said...

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