Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The view from here

There was a book that really struck a chord when I was young, about a house that became so swamped by the city it virtually disappeared, eventually someone came and put the house on a lorry and took it back to the countryside where it lived happily ever after.
I think the book must have been called The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton and when I saw this house around the back of the Tate Modern it all came flooding back to me.

How sad does this house look?
I took these photographs the day after I signed off this blog for the Easter break, it was a sad lacklustre day so I found little to excite me.

I went to see Moonlight at the Donmar Warehouse which was a very esoteric piece of play writing and poor value for money as it only ran for 1hour and 10 mins! I have been trying to get out of my 16th century play rut but whenever I dip my toe into the 20th century I am always left slightly disappointed.

This century has been far more rewarding and I am hugely pleased that Jerusalem has been a big hit in NY.

I have never ever seen such a stylish child, she seriously looked amazing and so young too.

Moi of course, my favourite default outfit has become the striped COS tunic with some Zara trousers, I don't know why but I love it especially with the dipped dyed grey COS scarf and that heavenly Agnes B necklace.

When even I go away I am always struck by just how much more graffiti there is in other cities, maybe I just don't register it here as much o r maybe our graffiti is just so much better...who let the jingoistic genie out the bottle again?

Way back on my last visit to Paris I photographed a shop that looked particularly lovely filled with all my favourite thing's all be it too small and trop cher, but Loft is now in London and looks very appetising. but not as amazing as this next shop.

I have read about Egg before but have never made the trip, so with time on my hands I decided it was time to see what all the fuss was about, and unlike many overly hyped shops this was truly worth the trip. It is such a divine space the clothes are a slice of heaven and for the first time Itched to try on and buy a £200 dress, but what a dress. Sadly I felt like I was interrupting a private party and couldn't face the embarrassment of struggling in a changing room with an audience waiting to eat cake and drink tea so I left. if you have money and no kids it is the best place to get that Japanese vibe.


SewingLibrarian said...

Yes! You are totally correct about The Little House by Virginia Burton. She also wrote Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, my brother's all-time favorite book. I swear we had it at our house more than the library had it! The Little House is a wonderful book, and your photo recalls it beautifully.

John Kim said...

That house reminds me of the movie up

indigo16 said...

Welcome to the new bloguettes.
I am rubish at commenting but appreciate your!
John Kim, yes I see what you mean but when I googled the book it appears Walt Disney made it into a film too.

materfamilias said...

I can't believe this! I have exactly the same graffiti in my file of photogs -- I'll post it tomorrow and link to you, great minds thinking alike and all that!

love that book (as well as Mike Mulligan! hi there, Sewing Librarian!) -- isn't that right 'round back of the Tate, near the cottages that were built as almshouses with money left by some good-hearted fellow back a few centuries -- there's a lovely plaque telling the story. Have to check last year's photos, or maybe the year before that. . . .oh, I do love your city, you lucky woman!

Deja Pseu said...

Aww, poor little house! At least that graffiti isn't the ugly dog-lifting-its-leg-to-piss-on-something level of "tagging" one generally sees in Los Angeles!

The Egg boutique looks to be right up my alley.