Friday, 6 May 2011

Summer Style...not

Even though I know I look better in a shorter top with trousers I am like a moth to a flame with tunics, I also think I still have a problem with the camera angle because it makes me look like I'm leaning back even when I know I'm not, Plus what's with those dead arms, they just sit there no wonder everyone pulls silly poses, it's the only was to get rid of those lifeless appendages. oh for some pockets. I shall give it one more go before giving up. Alternatively I'm a crap dresser and the photo never lies..

I have 3 more Up Town Saturday's with Leyla before being confined to barracks, which is no bad thing as I could do with shedding a few pounds in the gym. Tomorrow I may head for Somerset House to see the left over photography stuff from lasts weeks big bash here. My sister has lured me to Dulwich on Sunday to have a snoop and look at some art in the Artists Open House weekend. I love a good nosey in other peoples houses so I should have some fun and may steal some piccy's too with my new toy.

I am just LOVING the fall out over the Grazia cover this week see here for some fun. It has cured me once and for all of what was a ridiculous addiction to something that promoted so much that is either ridiculous or sycophantic. I stupidly bought this week it having missed all the special supplements of the wedding despite pleading with Kitty to pick me ap' a Sunday paper. I could see it was a mess and had to explain to Kitty just how bad the Photoshopping was. All that money and that is the best they could do. Inside is even worse with a laughable spread featuring the owner of Jigsaw whose outfit made her look like an aged aunt putting the final nail into that coffin too.

My best buy of the week was to subscribe to NYTimes, I really love their website and this beautiful apartment is house porn at it's very best.

An excellent photography website worth a look is In-Public a subject close to my heart and I have decided to try and group 20 images I've taken that I feel best represents my response to street photography, later of course after raking through the Berlin photographs, it's no wonder I haven't painted much this year.

How the hell did we get to May so soon?

Talking of May I am 5 years old.. can you believe it? 5 whole years, it has become a bit of an obsession and yet I feel sure it keeps me sane, plus I don't take it home with me so at least I am only hooked during the day my lunch break! I never thought it would keep going so long, but I have never run out of images to share or things to say and best of all I really feel although my painting has taken a real hit this year my photography is getting better and better not least because I have begun to understand how I react with people and places which in turn gives me a greater sense of confidence. Sartorial style despite evidence to the contrary is better too again I have a much better sense of what I want to wear and make far fewer mistakes. So here's to five more years...!


materfamilias said...

Congratulations! Five years represents an impressive commitment -- I can't believe you manage to get so much done using only your lunch hours.
As for the week's photos -- I wonder if some of the problem you're finding is partly due to the bouquet-head -- don't you think a face really animates the body as well as the clothing? I think the outfits are fun -- the one on the right (longer tunic, wider, shorter legs) is very playful, more Art School than Lady (I just read someone's post about lady-dressing yesterday -- so ambivalent/bothered by this) -- I like it!

and you'll be relieved to know -- no Cath Kidston bag for me. There is one on our tiny island way over here, though -- a neighbour with a very successful friend living in London got it as a b.d. gift. Lucky woman.

indigo16 said...

Well I'm no lady and yes I guess you are right it is those bloody flowers that are not working neither is that green background so I will need to go back to the drawing board I guess.
I was being very disingenuous about my lunch! I sometimes spend the whole day getting posts ready, but it keeps me sane so they can lump it.
I too was irritated recently when a blogger who does not work and whose children are grown up declared a woman's work is never done! Never bloody started in her case.