Wednesday, 18 May 2011

No flowers allowed

Last week was A Level exam week and I had time to mess around with the Hipstomatic app which I grow to love more each time I get used to it.

By the end of Thursday I felt unwell and after walking the dog could barely stand my legs felt like lead, I went to bed with a temperature and a small sinking feeling in my heart that history was repeating itself.
Leyla proclaimed I was burning up and after numerous attempts to sleep it off I knew the infection was back. No Emin, who was away from home working, I could not face a taxi knowing my propensity to feint or vomit, so I called an ambulance and left for hospital shaking Kitty awake to tell her I was leaving.
Same infection, different hospital, but lets face it they are all an Hieronymus Bosch like vision of hell, the flotsam and jetsam of life spilling out onto the pavement at 2am whilst I clutched an overnight bag that I convinced myself was my ticket home before the end of the night.

No such luck, I was booked in for 4 days!...4 days of my life I was to never see again, in a room of octogenarians and a wailing woman who cried loudly through clenched teeth for 3 days before they took pity on me and moved me.

I phoned the house to remind the girls to get up and go to school, I phoned Emin whose phone was switched off. I later managed to phone home to check the girls were home safely only for Leyla to give me a list of wants and needs to collect on my home! Home? "Leyla I'm in hospital and won't be back until Monday" She emitted a long wail, before sobbing, Kitty had no recollection of my waking her and life it seems had ticked over very nicely without me, until now, however food was needed and finally my absence was duly noticed!
I was however stuck in bed tied to a drip whilst another industrial quantity of antibiotic's were pumped into me.

I blame Emin, it started when he took us on a ridiculously long walk after I had been on my feet all day in Berlin, it's hard for him to understand that I now have a finite limit of tolerance when it comes to walking, I may seem perky enough, but my foot is agony after too long in less than appropriate footwear. 10 miles in converse trainers, yes, 10 miles in sandals, no. My sister suggested that instead of moaning I should send him a text that way he might stop and comprehend the message and thus understand, I think he had learnt a lesson, but I have lost 4 days of my life.

These peonies are from my garden, for the last 4 years I have watched them bloom, slump and die, often drenched with rain and I feel I have barely seen them, so this year I cut them and put them in water and placed them next to my bed at home, now I finally get to see them and smell them, I never knew they had such a divine scent but they do, making them even more lovely. They photograph like a dream too.


materfamilias said...

Oh, what an ordeal! I'm so sorry you've had this recurrence -- hope your family realizes that you need more rest and pampering. My sister also had two bouts of cellulitis that she had to be hospitalized for, about a year or so apart. She runs herself ragged, as do you, with work and family, and her body just protested.

Love your peonies -- mine are rather pathetic, generally, and given our usual amounts of rain, they do end up flopping very quickly, yet I still love them.

Sadly, the Hipstamatic app is only for iPhones. I'm not sure how much I'll use my Phone as a camera altho' it does seem to take fairly sharp pics. I find it hard to hold steady, but I suppose I'll adjust eventually. Old dogs, new tricks, all that. . .

indigo16 said...

Thank you mater, I guess health wise I am my own worst enemy since I rarely sit down whereas hospital forces me too.
Pick your peonies they are a dream to look at indoors.

auntiegwen said...

Sorry to hear you have been unwell, I hope you are feeling much improved now x