Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Be creative

Last night I had one of those epiphany moments, I was watching a programme about the brain and how it functions and it started to answer a question that has been niggling me for the last 5 years.
Why it is that girls who are talented and creative at the age of 14 suddenly become, by the age of 16 wooden, stilted, anal artists unable to produce a cohesive composition, let alone use the materials in a flowing creative way?
In last nights programme Doctors analysis of the brain showed that if the left side of the brain, (the one controlling logical thinking) was allowed to dominate the right side of the brain (the one controlling creative thinking) then that unconscious ability to render and think out of the box is destroyed.
The way the government has pushed and pushed all its money into TECH bloody NOLOGY is sucking the creative life force out of our students, Vocation and ologys are dominating our lives when in fact we should be nurturing the right side of our brain.
My feeling of impotence makes me so angry, but I am vindicated and I will continue to make students look and draw and feel, not plan and design. And that goes for me too! Shove the handbook, I am painting this holiday..


fiona said...

Fascinating stuff! I had creative flair all my childhood until I got to that age and then my art became very tight and timid indeed. It's taken me since then to unlearn this and become a child again! It's been a huge journey, both wonderful and frustrating! I adored art but also loved sciences and humanities. I was good at school but maybe my art suffered as a result! One thing though, without the ology-s, especially psychology, how would we know all this stuff about brain hemispherity styles?

indigo16 said...

yes you are so right but i wish it was not so