Monday, 30 July 2007

So bloody tired

On Friday a small nugget of a headache was tapping so I popped a couple of pills ( I hope my homeopath is not reading this!) Alpha male decided we should go out, the first time since we moved here last September, nothing too gastronomic I have only recently weaned Emin off the mono sodium hell that is Pizza Hut so one tiny step up we went to Pizza Express, a glass of crap wine later a full blown migraine had moved in and I felt very very tired. Sat am I popped 2 more pills just a little stronger than the last (sorry again) this time I was dragged to the Red Bull flying time trials. 5 mins awesome 15 mins boring, so shopping and bed. Back up at 7 and off to my sisters birthday bash, bloody pizza again.. back home, bed till gone 9. Where am I going with this boringly domestic diatribe? well Tom (there was NO excuse for that perfume) Ford was asked in a recent interview how he relaxed "I never relax its too exhausting" well he wasn't wrong there

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