Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Daisy the Librarian

Daisy is on work experience this week at the local library. I had hoped she would be a hedge fund manager and get some work experience in the city but apparently Daisy has held a secret lifelong ambition to be a librarian.. Second only to being a pathologist but their wasn’t much in the way of work experience in the local pathology lab. Daisy was told by the library to wear her school trousers with a plain top…well school trousers circa July are just not fit for the public to see and teenagers do not have plain T shirts sans logos, names of favourite bands cartoon hero’s etc.so we cobbled together 3 bookish outfits via Next (it does have some uses) It is now my mission to go and rearrange all the books to give her some work to do although she reckons she’s rushed off her feet. The final shock to Daisy’s finely tuned system is the 5pm finish positively night time on planet Daisy.

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