Tuesday, 3 July 2007

I wish I was here!

This morning Just after I arrived to work at 8 o/c I realised that Daisy had an appointment with the homeopath so at 9,30 I collected Daisy returned home collected the car drove to Brockley for 11 o/c finished at 11.45 drove home got on the train returned to work and at 5 o/c I will have to get the train back home collect Kitty come back to school to watch Daisy in a fashion show then go home to bed... and I am missing the CSI the final episode, my absolute favourite one with Grissom and the miniatures . so I wish I was at Maison Bertaux instead, if I worked nearby I would probably be clinically obese.

My students are currently doing a project on food and drink so in a moment of inspiration I have typed into Flickr search "Afternoon Tea" and "English Breakfast" so many photos, a wealth of resources, thank you world for publishing your foodie photos my job just got a lot easier.

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