Friday, 6 July 2007

Happy Birthday Everyone..

I have this little sister Julia she's large and very tubby...I did mean to wish her Happy Birthday but no one knows I write this but hey Happy Birthday Julia (24th May). I sent her a piece of art work but received no reply so I guess it was not liked. Luckily mum gave her a day at Hugh Fearnley Whittingstalls cottage to learn how to preserve & pickle and trust me this was her best pressie ever because she loves to pickle & preserve her foraged produce and rumour has it she makes a mean Mead too. She just got a promotion which puts her in danger of becoming a bone fide career girl, sadly she has a bit of a thing about witchcraft which put a big barrier up between us ( I just do not understand...) Talking of sisters the birthday season is upon me

More bizarre is that both Daisy and Kitty's due date was the 25th July But Daisy was early (the first and last time) Kitty was late (ouch) and Lucy's actual birth date was 24th but never send a man....

So as you can see my favourite number is 16

Me 4x4

Daisy 16

Kitty 2x8

coincidence? Good job I wasn't born in China I would have less friends than i do now!

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