Friday, 6 July 2007


As I checked my mothers wood block print into the basket I slipped a pretty print in for me (see above) and then guess what flew into my face on the way home? the very same, a Dragonfly. Fate or Coincidence? of course I had my brand new box fresh Lumix to hand or rather stuck in a sock at the bottom of my bag. So once I extricated it from the end of the sock I pressed the button and beep beep beep I forgot to take the lens cap off...... This camera is going to take a lot of getting used to. God knows what the lens setting was on. Not a camera for spontaneity.
I have not commented on a couple of topical issues Sex and the City the film well I am English so I will withhold judgement with toes and fingers crossed. Lets hear it for sex and the 40+ woman... will it be sexy? I bloody well hope so. Second very big lapse of the week is Couture week I have seen fragments via the papers and was so utterly terrified by Diors frill fest meets My Fair Lady I have hid behind the sofa ever since but the weekend beckons wish me luck.

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