Monday, 23 July 2007

Mothers and daughters

"Mothers and daughters" this is a lovely web site with a great concept I wish they had a shop here in London but my pennies are safe or... check out the very best stuff is here but the sizes are so bloody small don't the french have well dressed chunky monkeys like me? what made me smile is the seller of these beauties above lives in England but sell her goods on the french site!
If I was to nominate a shop that both my mother and I love it would have to be Jigsaw not gut wrenching convertible like Comptoir but lovely fabrics which forgive the odd lump and bump.
My poor mother is currently awaiting the waters to wash into her house she is sans car and has not procured the necessary sandbags. She spent all day Sunday filling carrier bags with soil from the garden and taking everything she can upstairs, she then managed to raise a dresser and a sofa onto boxes, now she is enduring the stress of waiting for the water to arrive and to decide whether to stay at home or move into work. She said she would always live on a hill in future which could prove tricky as she relocates to York next year!

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