Friday, 6 July 2007

Lifestyle envy

The new issue of Selvedge arrived last week with lots to tempt but little to afford. Two pieces really caught my eye the first from a beautiful site selling very desirable linen in many guises. Since studying at Camberwell School of Art I have always loved linen, the texture and the way it ages so beautifully the photos from the web site ooze lifestyle envy. I would love to wear a cream skirt but paint and cream does not make for a good look so I am invariably shrouded in dark colours.

The second photo is from someone has had the brilliant idea of taking a traditional Turkish crochet technique and turning it in to jewellery oh to be in NYC.. talking of jewellery I finally surfed some Etsy sites last night, so much eye candy, help!

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Mlle F. said...

Hello, i discover your blog in making some reserch about Oya lace, I love your blog !