Friday, 7 November 2008

A little cashmere tantrum

Finally, the cashmere arrived in Asda, last year I bought 3 wonderful pieces that saw me through the winter, I then read that they were producing another range this year so I have been counting the days. It arrived this week and what a catalogue of disappointment it was.
Last year they stuck to neutral colours, black, grey, green and a brown marle. This year, ugh,, a moss green marle and a really gruesome pink. To compound the misery the colours were repeated in stripes on another style.
One small beacon of sanity hung below the monstrosities, a beautiful pale grey kimono style cardie. So, yes, I know another bloody grey cardie, but it was soooo lovely and soft. I get so frustrated, the style and cut and quality of cashmere is excellent, why ruin it by using such hideous colours?
I realised many years ago that although I have a rough idea of what I like from a clothing store, I would struggle to be 'a buyer' because my taste is so narrow. But there is one thing I do know very well, and that is the colours that work. The average size of Asda customers must be around 14 - 16. Pale stripes are surely not the most flattering. Why not do a range of darker colours? Plums Navy's a Deep Bottle Green, so few shops get the colours right.
Two that do it for me are COS and Jigsaw, they always have deep rich colours and even their paler colours have a depth that so many other stores fail to achieve. Just imagine what a great job it would be to choose the colours for a season, I would be in heaven.

A very uplifting article in the Guardian today praising the great style that women of over 40 posses, we all knew that didn't we? But it is nice to see it in writing. I particularly liked the following...

"I did have a sexy little fashion moment in London yesterday, though. Popping out to get a sandwich in Soho, my eyes locked with 60s heartthrob Terence Stamp across Broadwick Street. He ran his steely blue eyes down my well-wrapped-up body to the fabulous flat patent boots I was wearing, then looked me full in the face and smiled. It was bliss. When I did the same thing to him, though, I discovered he was wearing purple Crocs. Perhaps it is our male contemporaries who need to learn to grow old gracefully".

I am a bit 'posti lite' for a couple of weeks whilst I set up a project that has niggled away at me for some time. My photos need some serious filing and it has done me a lot of good to start to categorise and theme them. It is good to reflect sometimes so we can move on. Also my mother is visiting, the one bloody weekend I get without Emin and I end up entertaining..So a trip to Dulwich Picture Gallery should keep her happy.


La Belette Rouge said...

You must some day post a picture of your gray cardie collection. I would love to see them all.

indigo16 said...

It would have to be a time without Emin's beady eye!

auntiegwen said...

I'm off to Gap today (with my 30% off voucher) to buy

guess what ?

yep, a grey cashmere cardi, in my defense it's grey and black striped with a hood, so that makes it ok, doesn't it ?