Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The Photograph Not Taken

A brilliant site The Photograph Not Taken really resonates with me. Most recently whilst we were at mothers, Kitty and Leyla had decided to celebrate Halloween, (primarily since Emin bans any celebratory event) Lelya even took an outfit. We bought pumpkins which the girls helped carve and Leyla got dressed up, including a lovely witches hat she has. When I looked up a little later I saw her in profile engrossed in watching the television, her hat was perched on her head and her legs were slung were over mum's best chair, best of all she was sucking her thumb. I was so tickled by the sight of a thumb sucking witch that I reached for my camera. However seconds later and she was up, and I had missed my perfect shot.
It maybe a photograph not taken but It will forever remain in my mind.

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