Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The view from here...

...Is bloody freezing, I had without doubt the most mind numbingly boring weekend, Gym, cook gym, cook..I managed to sleep through Kung Foo Panda (thank God) I did quite enjoy Juno which I finally caught up with on DVD, and I occasionally managed to thread a few beads. The ones above are in true Blue Peter style 'ones I made earlier'.
The middle one is a whopping eight feet long, it is made up of the salvaged fragments of Turquoise I had from my favourite necklace that broke. I bought it in a small shop in Niagara on the Lake of all places. Not somewhere I will ever get back too. It was threaded in such a complex way I could not begin to repair it, so I made one long piece instead. The one on the right is a heady mix of freshwater pearls in various sizes and shapes, mixed with Hill Tribe silver nuggets. Over the years I have tried many versions of the ubiquitous pearl necklace but non satisfied until now, at just under 6 feet long it wraps round 3 times and looks lovely especially when mixed with my Victorian crystal. Finally on my left is a newish one, a mix of Citrine and Smoky Quartz. If you look closely you will see two necklaces as one was originally made for my sisters Birthday but it was too long, so I decided to keep for myself, as you do!
I am up to my ears with work. I did finally bag up my photos it was really very satisfying, and really helped me focus on what I do well and what I feel is mediocre. I was surprised at how much I like my flower photographs, having not taken any for ages, so memo to self will be to take some more. My biggest box was entitled 'views through a window' this is quite a new genre for me and began with this blog. I have really enjoyed recording many images on the hoof, and some of the best are the accidental ones that mix up views with reflections from the window. I will now start putting my files somewhere, but the speed it takes to upload images tends to make this a job to 'put off'
I normally get quite a few ideas for a post from the weekend colour supplements, but even these were almost beyond boring, full of the most ridiculous gift ideas and party dresses you would be luck to wear once, dull dull dull. I should have gone to see the Bacon at the Tate Britain but I just could not cope with the freezing wind.
I am now cyber filing and marking, oh lucky lucky me. Oh wait, I am going to see Ivanov this Friday, restricted view and even less leg room, but who cares it is a beacon of light at the end of my deep dark tunnel.


La Belette Rouge said...

You are a multi-talented gal. I really love necklace number two.

Bacon at the Tate sounds almost as good as bacon and eggs sound to me right now( sorry, I am strangely hungry). I have come to love Francis Bacon as I have recently come to love Damian Hurst( I think if you love Damian you have a moral and philosophical obligation to love Bacon). Anyways, you muse go. I so envy you your art scene.

indigo16 said...

Bacon does indeed sound good, sadly ours is a pork free house, so I have to go to the Cafe for a bacon butty, ironically run by a Turkish family.

auntiegwen said...

I loved necklace no 3 and once again admire your talent whilst lamenting the fact that I have absolutrly no talent whatsoever in anything !