Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The view from here

The weather is getting progressively colder and so I have decided to retire my beautiful green suede gloves they look like two rather bruised and battered frogs. I may not have found a pair of red shoes yet, but instead these beautiful gloves stepped up to take the red baton and run.

Last year wandering round some random Berlin department store I happened across a whole wall of the most beautiful leather gloves. Normally I would not have been that interested In England I have never been able to fit inside ladies gloves and so I always end up with a pair of knitted ones stretched beyond their endurance. Even my green ones were ill fitting but were as near as I would get to a pair that I could squeeze on. I refuse to wear men's gloves which only enhance the gorillas paw effect, I have a hand span of 8 and 1/2 inches. My fingers are really long making most gloves very uncomfortable. On a whim I went into T.K.Maxx and they had a wonderful selection of gloves from? you guessed it Germany. I did not avail myself in Berlin last year, because despite the beauty of fit and suppleness of leather they were £70! so I reluctantly did not indulge, because as you know I do a have an irritating propensity to loose things. Now these beautiful red gloves are all mine.

And what of this years travel fest I hear you say, well I do have one niggle with this blog and that is I sometimes feel it is just one long bragathon, but hey if the cap fits....

This years itinerary is as follows;

  • Eurostar to Brussels, 2 nights
  • Train to Cologne, 2 nights
  • Train to Berlin, 4 nights
  • Flight to Istanbul, 4 nights

I must admit I am getting quite excited now, especially when Emin had the foresight to book us in to see the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra on Christmas Day.

Istanbul will definitely fullfill a dream wish, and after Emin stumbled over last years stinging criticism that I found him unadventurous it is the one place where we will be staying in a boutique hotel rather than the usual Marriott, Hilton & Raddisson Hotels, not that I am complaining, I am one very lucky girl.

We did struggle this year to come up with an itinerary I wanted to go to Norway by train but in the end as Emin has project managed it, this was a pretty good compromise. Plus we will be able to go apartment hunting in Potsdam. Yes Despite the big problems with the Euro and the recession Emin has decided to buy an apartment in Potsdam.

I will of course take thousands of photos not least from this amazing hotel and send you a postcard.


materfamilias said...

ok. I'm officially green. Your travel plans -- such a romantic-sounding itinerary. The train travel, the names of places I haven't visited, the gorgeous little hotel . . .
And those gloves -- perfection! I had my favourite perfectly-worn-in red leather gloves stolen from a 10-minutes unlocked car last year and haven't been able to replace them yet -- the reds I've seen are too light or too orangey. Yours look exactly like what I'm looking for -- enjoy!

indigo16 said...

Thank you, I can not believe someone would steal gloves and in Canada too!! London yes.
Germans make pretty good boots and coats too.

La Belette Rouge said...

Gorgeous gloves and romantic and exotic travel plans? You are a lucky gal. My only travel plans i know of is our upcoming trip to San Francisco. We go next week. Will take lots of photos.

indigo16 said...

Oh I would love to go to San Francisco, we stopped over in the airport once even that is wonderful. I was so keen to go I bought a Rough Guide to the place dreaming of Steve McQueen! It was not to be, but one day..

auntiegwen said...

Jealousy, thy name is Gwen. I will be hoping to get away for a few days if the children agree to spend some time with their Dad, but sadly not going too well in that direction !

indigo16 said...

Oh Gwen I am very very lucky that whilst the girls father bores them, his Xbox and Wii does not!