Friday, 14 November 2008

The view from here

Sarah Moon at The Michael Hoppen Gallery was fantastic, this one was my favourite, which at a cool 12 grand was a little out of my price range.
Wonderful stripes in a gallery window on Dover Street.

Bill Woodrow on at The Waddington Gallery, I really like his very quirky esoteric sculpture. He has been painting on very large maps which remind me a lot of the work of Tom Phillips

A beautiful new shoe shop called Lodger making highly delectable shoes.
I am always amazed at how buildings can be gutted and rebuilt, this one is on the corner of Bond Street.

Diesel always has very innovative windows I am a huge fan of lettraset, I have hoarded a stockpile over the years, I love the interplay here between image and text.

Fenwicks had their Christmas window up already, I would love one of these for Christmas, would that I celebrated it

Moi, still loving my red bag, which conspired with my skirt to humiliate me every 5 minutes by riding up the side of my leg exposing my modesty to all who cared to look. This was kindly pointed out to me by a passing builder, oh Joy.

I did make it to Paul Smith, a small sparse collection of photos by Norman Parkinson, but the water lily one was worth the journey alone.

Then late in the afternoon, more out of curiosity than design, I went to H&M. The much hyped collaboration was more Rei Kawakubo than H&M. Very good quality fabrics beautifully cut. Sadly they were designed for someone shorter and younger than me, I tried on the trench coat which was gorgeous but the belt even on the size bigger was under my arm pit. I the nearly bought the spotty cardie but her clothes have a tendency to wear you, rather than the other way round, so reluctantly I walked away with nothing. I considered this a triumph of dignity over desire, a lesson I should have learnt when I was sixteen. If I was 10 years younger and 4 inches shorter I would have bought a lot. There was plenty left to go round even late afternoon so H&M have learnt a lesson on quantity.

And so I have achieved little in the way of picture filing this week. The lack of Emin also means that I have had no exercise, as no one can control the Leyla-monster I have had to stay in . He returns today and I feel not a little sad that my quiet routine and peaceful life will once again degenerate into pointless squabbling and bickering.

One ray of sunshine this last week has been the BBC production of Little Dorrit, one of the few Dickens storiesI have not read. The adaptation has been just fantastic, we are 6 episodes in and already tears have been shed. If I ever had to write a thesis on an author I would choose Dickens, I love his stories, I know little about him as a person but I have often thought he must have had very positive relationships with women, as he writes the female characters so well, and gives them so much personal strength. I just wish it was on every night.

Have a wonderful weekend, think of me back in the gym....


materfamilias said...

Well, you may not have got much filing done, but you've seen some beautiful things and you've certainly inspired me -- I'd love to traipse around London after you some day.
We can both bring our red bags and check to see that they behave properly vis-à-vis our skirts.
And is that a gorgeous motorcycle jacket you're wearing?

La Belette Rouge said...

I want to come on the red bag London trapse.

Sorry skirt was misbehaving. Otherwise it looks like a really lovely day.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
p.s. Come over and claim your blog award.