Thursday, 16 July 2009

Flower power and other scrap book love

I could not wear such girly stuff now but this page from American Elle is so perfect for a sultry day in July. I guess a flowery tote would be fun.

I recently spent many happy hours sifting through some old American Elle magazines. I prefer the American version because of the styling and that many of the shoots are done in such sunny places. Not sunny like English sunny, but that gorgeous crystal clear sun that creates rich vibrant colours from nothing.

I love the combination of shape and colour in the image above. I have a couple of cardies that colour but have yet to brave a yellow skirt.

I covet this jacket so much.

The colours in above and below are stunning. I am way past this clash to match but many images like this influence my painting. Not that I have painted all year. How depressing is that?
It has been the first year for a long time that I failed to produce anything creative. I realise of course that I am not including my photography in that statement, and in fact that has improved in leaps and bounds. I am also so pleased that i have finally got to grips with the scanner, so the outlook is not so blue.
I will make more effort next academic year to complete a small project. I realised to day that I have a bad habit of thinking that I need to clear my paper work before painting, but today I had an epiphany moment and realised that I would have to timetable it into my schedule just like a lesson that way I will develop the discipline to do something.

My favourite 'look' I covet this tunic but would struggle to find an occasion to wear it.
I confess to spending money last weekend. Guess where? yep COS again, now officially my favourite shop. Unbelievably I bought a dress! shock horror, I never fit into dresses, they had my size and it was half price. It is my Audrey Hepburn moment.
Yes you guessed it I also bought ANOTHER grey cardie, boxy charcoal with cute pockets.
Also a lovely navy t-shirt.
That place is sartorial gold at the moment.
Cruising the blogs I was directed to the J Crew web site which has named my favourite style of trousers as' tooth-pick' how cute is that? Over here they are called ankle grazers, not so cute.
What is less cute was the price! how on earth do you afford the stuff from that shop? Our weak pound makes them VERY pricey.
Hence my love of all things COS and Uniqlo.
Oh Oh Oh guess who is coming to design for them then? answer here
My tent is pitched.


materfamilias said...

Fun post! And I'm glad you're giving yourself credit for the photography, which I admire tremendously. I'm learning to do the same kind of scheduling in order to get any research/writing done -- if I think of it as parallel to the teaching stuff and just map out some space in the dayplanner for it and set some deadlines, it does happen, if in very small increments.

Liberty London Girl said...

Cos is such bliss. Miss it over here enormously. Altho I hear they are opening in Barcelona (I think), so maybe one day they'll make it to NYC LLGxx

Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed your posts and hope that you will carve out time for painting and post images of it too.

La Belette Rouge said...

I cast my vote for more time and space for your creativity. You are many things but ultimately you are an artist. It seems to be in all you do: your mothering, your seeing, your wardrobe and your blog all have your artists heart in them.

indigo16 said...

A BIG THAN YOU for all the praise, It will be done I am sure that timetabling my painting is the way to go.

Janet said...

I always wait for things to go on sale at J.Crew. In fact, I stalk things until they do...and they almost always do!