Sunday, 19 July 2009

That was the week that was

The image has nothing what so ever to do with this post, it is just a scan of a very old photograph I took of what was my favourite hellebore, needless to say Emin killed it.
I quote "it was an accident"
I just could not face posting yet another imageless post.

But where did it go?
It was my last week at work so I beavered away in a last ditch attempt to get everything prepared for the next academic year.
Tuesday we received an emotional call from our new Au pair who had been kicked out onto the street by her current host family. It speaks volumes that to poach her we offered less money and a smaller room and still she jumped ship. We would not normally do this but the wonderful British government has put a stop to new Turkish Au pairs entering the country, so we were reduced to stealing someone else's. She bunked up with the current pair as they had become friends. Our current Au pair has now left and her replacement leaves on Tuesday coming back for a year in September. She is brighter older and more intelligent. Whether Leyla is as appalling with here as the previous ones we shall see, but she has spent enough time here to get the measure of her.(Leyla that is)

Daisy celebrated her 17th birthday on Thursday as well as Friday and a party on Saturday. She had wanted it here but Emin was so stressed he gave her £100 to have it else where! So she crashed at her Nan's house supervised by her father.

Friday my sister took Daisy and I to the Regents Park open air theatre to see The Importance of Being Earnest. Because of a number of unbelievably stressful issues that arose at work on Friday afternoon my best laid plans waved me goodbye. Instead of a leisurely stroll home to change and get ready, Kitty had to meet me at the station to hand over a bag of stuff for Daisy, (who had gone AWOL to a friends barbecue) and my rain coat. Daisy finally met us at Baker Street station having gone via West Hampstead and then Oxford Circus. She had got so lost she nearly broke down and cried. Somehow she kept her cool and found us. We had ordered her food so she could hit the deck munching. It transpired she had missed her stop and had she not jumped off at Hampstead would have ended up at Luton!

The play was great, BUT a tardy drunken group of American girls spoilt it by talking and fooling around all the way through. I did say some thing once but I know Daisy hates me making a fuss so I did try to ignore them, but when you have to put up with that kind of behaviour all day it really really pisses me off, especially as they were old enough to know better.
That irritation however pales into insignificance when you factor in a bitterly cold wind on top of a thinly clad body. All I had on was some skimpy summer clothes plus my rain coat. I was so bloody cold and the play was so long as well as starting at 8pm rather than the usual 7.30pm. So what should have been the perfect end to a long term sadly ended up bordering on purgatory.

My mother has sold her house in Oxford she is moving to York and luckily found a house that ticks her boxes and is vacant. Although a similar size it has enabled her to release a third of her equity thus keeping her in some style for the foreseeable future. So tomorrow I am going to Oxford for probably the last time. I can't say I will miss it, I much prefer Cambridge.
I do feel however that I should grab some photographs before she leaves, although the weather is vile.
I will take my favourite combo' Kitty and Leyla, so no rest for me then, but mother can take the strain of cooking which will soften the rather bitter pill.

All this is a round about way of saying all will be 'posti lite' for a while.

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Liberty London Girl said...

woaw, I don't know how you cope with it all. Impressed. LLGxx