Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Mad Men

Like an expensive box of chocolates I tried to savour series 1 of Mad Men. Having become completely addicted after a few episodes of series 2 I was looking forward to filling in some of the missing pieces.
At first I rationed myself to a couple of episodes at a time. Then just like a box of chocolates thought "sod it" and gorged myself senseless, only the law of diminishing returns kicked in.
So once more I paced myself, until faced with the penultimate episode, I am now going to wait and savour the last two during the holiday, that is of course if the rest of the gang allow it. Meanwhile I hear you lucky American cousins will begin your fix with series 3 mid August.


I love the clothes, and spent a happy hour reading about how they are sourced and remade. I had not realise they were all vintage or just how much thought went into the style and colour of the men's suits.
My absolute favourite part of the whole series is the sound. Especially if you listen to it on a computer with headphones. The sound is so utterly perfect, the chink of ice in a glass, the noise of traffic outside. It is all perfect.
I struggled with the smoking and drinking, until I opened up a deep memory and realised that it was not so long ago people smoked on trains and buses and lunchtime drinking was de rigeur
The sexism is more painful to watch, and I guess in a way we should marvel that it is not more
prevalent today, or is it just less obvious?

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materfamilias said...

I still haven't seen a single Season 2 episode -- although the channel that carries the series is available here, I'd have to pay much more for my cable access to it and I'm already paying $56.00 monthly for the little TV that I watch. So I'm waiting for the DVD, due out very soon, I hope. Can't wait! (That kind of sexism, btw, was still very prevalent in the early 70s when I worked in an office -- I remember one of the execs, when I came back during maternity leave in '76, commenting salaciously about my "obvious success" as a nursing mom -- wink, wink, nudge, nudge -- all of which we were expected to take in stride or where was our sense of humour)

La Belette Rouge said...

I LOVE the show. And, each time I watch it again I see more depth and nuance that I missed before. I so hope young girls watch it and see how far we have come. It is my hope if women see where they came from they will stop objectifying themselves for men. Is it a silly hope? I can't help it. I don't want feminism to be a dirty word. I think MadMen can have a powerful cultural impact beyond the cool fashions( which I love). Now I need to watch it on my computer with headphones. Thanks for the tip.

indigo16 said...

I so take free tele for granted, I am officially humble.
You will love season 2, I think the cinamatography is even better, if that is possible.
La Belette
You are right, it has been a slow and painful process to get where we are but we have to take a step back and know what we have achieved and keep our sense of self worth.
I think if we do not, like an abandoned building life could so easily revert.