Monday, 27 July 2009


I arrived early last Friday to meet my sister, she was stuck in a meeting and was running late so I went round the Saatchi Gallery. It is big enough to always feel contemplative, a place to stop, look and take stock.
There is always something to like, and plenty not to like, but that is the nature of curating. Best of all you can snap away with impunity. I get a lot more from looking through a lens. It may seem an irreverent way to view someones work but I promise you fragmenting a piece can give you a whole new perspective, especially Kristin Bakers work. Close up you can really appreciate the layering and richness of colours that gets lost from a distance.

The view from here

I love the textures of this piece

Mark Bradford

Kristin Baker

My favourite of the show, very beautifully constructed

Jacob Hashimoto

Baker Overstreet

The best name!

Amy Sillman


materfamilias said...

Oh! I love, love, love those marine paintings -- what a fresh interpretation of a familiar scene!

La Belette Rouge said...

I really like the Kristin Bakers work. The second and third of hers are just amazing. Landscape, abstraction and figurative all at the same time.

La Belette Rouge said...

p.s. He-weasel's favorite is the shipwreck piece. He was looking over my shoulder as I enjoyed your post.

venus said...

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