Saturday, 25 July 2009

The ramblings of a teacher who may have chilled out just a little too much

I do have pictures, but they are as yet not even downloaded let alone scythed to the bone by the editing of a ruthless maniac.
I could have named this post
I Went To Mother and Lived To Tell the Tale
Yes it is true, neither Kitty nor She Who Must Be Obeyed Leyla, managed to bring me to my knees.
I am still standing tall.
We talked, we drank, we ate out...a lot. I spent a lot of money, mostly on clothes for Kitty. Leyla blagged yet another pair of pumps. Kitty and Leyla finally after countless visits over a number of years, swam in the lido. It was very quiet and they did get bored, but it was still 'an event' a box ticked.
My mother was as always, tricky, sadly the house that she made an offer on was so unbelievably duff she withdrew, so now she exists in a semi hysterical bubble of indecision. I did take enough photographs of her house to create a memory book for her, despite her attempts to direct
I watched two films last week. The good Vicky Christina Barcelona. Fantastic. Burn After Reading WTF. Laughed only once at the word clusterfuck, now that I must slip into my erudite repertoire at some point this year.
Currently watching Frost Nixon, I did not fancy this at the cinema, but I love Toby Jones, and that Rebecca Hall keeps sneaking into far too much. It is riveting.
I have eaten out too often this week; a delicious meal at Jamie's Italian Delicious food, truly brilliantly cooked and sourced ingredients, sadly the ambiance lacked a certain je ne sais quoi. The girls demanded we have a final meal at Quad They love this restaurant and despite a few dodgy meals, it has the ambiance in buckets. The final meal was delicious, a simple steak with Bearnaise sauce. The girls went for their usual burger/pizza combo, topped by an overly chocolaty ice cream before running like wild banshee's around the car park just for old times sake, only this time they came back sans gravel ingrained knees.
To top off a rather splendid week, I took my sister to see Jerusalem for her birthday treat. Brilliant, seriously, it is so good you must go.
Once I have a duff meal I rarely return to a restaurant. So oriel was off, and the bar down stairs at the Royal Court was in. Trust me the best chicken salad I have EVER eaten. The night was a triumph.
P.S Just finished watching the film, amazing. Way better than the reviews implied.

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Oriel: SO over rated! LLGxx