Monday, 6 July 2009

From the sublime to the ridiculous

On Friday I went to a beautifully staged production of All's Well That Ends Well at The National. The design lent heavily on the illustration we see for the brothers Grimm fairy tales, very magical. Sadly my theatre partner had high tailed it to Wales on an activity week so my sister came instead, she normally won’t stick her generous arse on a seat costing less than £40 but she was pleasantly surprised at how good the view was for £10, and she bought me supper. Mmm maybe this trade could be permanent!

The following day I was coerced into going to Thorpe Park. Dear God I am way too old for this kind of day out now. I used to take coach loads of students to any number of theme parks and whoop it up on the rides, but now my idea of fun is a gentle stroll round an art gallery.

Emin decided we MUST go as a day out for the au pair before she goes back to Turkey. She absolutely was not keen on the idea, but just as a man will buy his child a remote control car then play with it himself, so this day was really about Emin. The side benefit was Leyla had a wonderful day.

I however got bloody whiplash on the first ride. I will never understand what the pleasure is in queuing for 2 bloody hours, to then be thrown around like a rag doll for 20seconds with my eyes shut. I am all for big swings and sudden drops but this ride was horrible.

I luckily managed to look after Leyla for the next 3 hours whilst he tortured the au pair. I then got to go on lots of more sedate affairs before hooking up for lunch. Sadly I over did it, and fell quite queasy by 5pm!

I did remind him when we got home, as I crawled into bed, that I am pushing 50, and really that will be the last time I do it.

I am now sat nursing a sore neck


materfamilias said...

Mine were always easily convinced to go to such amusements without me as my ridiculous fear of height-and-speed-combined rendered me a serious embarrassment! The Shakespeare's more my speed . . .

La Belette Rouge said...

Emin owes you a massage, at least, if not a day at a spa. Hope your neck is feeling much better soon!

miss milki said...

I'm 27 and I hate rollercoasters and funfairs. Always have. Probably always will. That horrible feeling of terror, your stomache in your mouth. Why would anyone find that fun! Luckily its over 10 years since I was last at a funfair, offering generously to hold everyone's bags while they went on the rides and hoping desperately that no-one would notice I never went on anything! They did of course and dragged me onto the waltzers. how bad could it be, little kids were on it?! Horrible actually, my neck hurt my head hurt and i had my eyes tightly shut while hoping for the end. Never again! :)

indigo16 said...

I did get a brief massage but it is still sore.
Ironically the waltzer, like the tea cups is THE most evil of rides. What shocked me was how much I have changed, my thrill threshold is zero now.