Thursday, 30 July 2009

The view quite soon to be from here

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So once more we are packing, well Leyla is packed, my clothes are on the bedroom floor a sea of tasteful faded denim with a few stripes, mixed with some grey.
And the eldest two? AWOL. Kitty returns tonight with all her washing. Thank you Kitty, perfect weather to try and dry clothes in...not.
Leyla quite rightly queried as to when, if ever I was going to use the packet of hair dye that has languished unloved collecting dust on the bathroom floor for the last 6 weeks. I have what can only be described as halo of white pubic hair that frames my face. A sort of Cruella de Ville meets hobo.
Ironically the rest of my hair is not grey, but as it is always up in a pony tail I need to dye it so finally I did.
Now it is far too dark. seriously I never choose the right colour, I either go too dark or too light. Trust me I have never met a hairdresser that can get it right either.
I always feel slightly melancholic before I leave for a holiday, the rather erratic and changeable weather has meant packing for 5 different weather fronts. I have packed my water colours, just in case i get 5 consecutive minutes to my self ever the optimist. Last year I neither cooked or cleaned, we just chilled by the pool and swam in the sea.
This year swimming in the sea is a no no and I will be doing nothing but cooking and cleaning up. Yet It will be just as lovely only in a different way. I will be attempting YET AGAIN to photograph Babara Hepworth's garden. 4 times I have tried and 4 times I have failed to capture the spirit of that place, but now I am ready.
The Tate also will be calling me as will countless smaller galleries around the back streets. This years holiday will be colder but more visually stimulating. So see you in 2 weeks time, unless Daisy can hack into some one's broadband!


Anonymous said...

I saw you in Yuki today, Sunday early evening, with your mum(?) and one of your daughters (Daisy?). By the way your hair looked great, as did your tan! Thanks for a great blog.

materfamilias said...

When you're back, if you have a minute, I've given you an Award which I'm afraid comes with an assignment -- a meme. Don't feel obliged, but I'd love to see what you do with it.

Job said...

Well good luck, I think you’re going to be busy after this event. You have an assignment waiting for you when you come back.

venus said...

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I love your blogs and i often visits your blogs.... Thanks for the post.

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