Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Baby sister, the gift that just keeps on giving

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We may live in the same town but we do not see a huge amount of each other. Lucy is young free and single devoid of all that weighs me down. I sometimes think that she see's the compromises I have made throughout my rather chequered life and she thinks nope not for love. Not worth it.

Instead she has despite a shockingly poor start to her education clawed her way up the food chain to what I think is a pretty brilliant job. Now she is replete with an MA and a career that allows her to dine overlooking the bay of Monte Carlo.

My baby sister has always been wiser than her years, frequently mistaken for my older sister, which was a reflection of my juvenile behaviour rather than our looks. She stands 6 feet tall, a natural strawberry blond and a rather chunky size 18. She can be mean with words but generous to a fault with her time and money. My sister once spent a month sourcing tickets for an FA cup semi final that I desperatly wnated to see, it fell on my birthday and she not only found them but booked us into a hotel and drove us to Manchester to see it.
Through her dogged persistence she has allowed me to see Muse play live not once but soon to be three times. This may seem a small achievement, but tickets are like gold dust and frequently exchange hands for £300+. It would have been as cheap for us to fly to Spain to see them for what she paid, but she has and we will, tomorrow night float on a cloud of ecstatic jubilation at the O2 arena. In return I string her up a few beads and pick the phone up at 2am to help her find the lost passport she will need in 4 hours time for a business trip with her boss!


materfamilias said...

I suspect she sees you as doing rather more than just bead-stringing and passport-finding for her. Sounds like a lovely relationship, even if you don't get to see each other as often as you might want.

La Belette Rouge said...

I am with Mater, I bet Lucy sees you very differently than you imagine. I am guessing she may envy your artistic abilities, gorgeous daughters, and how you inspire your students. I know I do and I am not even your sister.;-)

indigo16 said...

Well girls I am blushing! Thank you

auntiegwen said...

I am so jealous of the Muse tickets, I can't begin to tell you. You don't want to hear what concert I'm going to tomorrow.

As the others says, she sees the you you can't see and she loves you, as she should