Monday, 16 November 2009

Finally I am warm

I know talking about the weather makes me sound like my mother, but hey if the cap fits... 5inches of bloody rain meant I just had to have.. This coat. Thank GOD for Uniqlo I had lent my rain proof +J coat to daisy and then went to Bromley to finally pick up my boots. The cobbler had done an amazing job, buoyed up by this I spent £50 on the dog, a rain coat a fleece and a new lead. he has chewed up 2 so far. What is it with dogs and their need to chew all but the toys they are given?

So too scared to ruin my wool coat I wore my mac, it was FREEZING and very wet, we went into Uniqlo to buy his niece a fleece, I saw this and worried I might look like this but my fears were unfounded, even Emin gave it the thumbs up, and so I have lived through the weekend toasty and warm. Walking the dog in his smart new coat is a pleasure....a very warm one for now.
Spent Sunday watching Leyla fight at a Taekwondo competition, she came second, yeah, she has finally cracked it I think. I 'filmed' it.. not. I actually must have not pressed the right button and so all we have is a brief snippet and then nothing. Guess who is in the dog house?
I took an amazing book to read to stave off the boredom and take my mind of the thrashing she was going to get. It is not pleasant watching your own child fight, other children are quite amusing especially the very small boys, but it is a very aggressive sport, with a LOT of casualties.
The book is called Seven Days In The Art World. a brilliant read, I am half way through and will be regaling you with snippets for the foreseeable future.


materfamilias said...

That book looks great -- and she's one of ours, did you know?
And yay on the coat -- here we both are all bundled up against the wind and the rain despite being so far apart! So glad you're warm. A winter or so ago, The Globe and Mail (our national paper) did a fashion piece on the winter parka and part of it included a survey of guys -- apparently the parka with the fur-trimmed hood fits very high on the sexy scale, something about fantasies of ski hills and sled dogs and Dr. Zhivago and whatnot. Mind you, these are Canadian guys they surveyed. . .

indigo16 said...

Hell, any port in a storm! I feel like a padded up french Lieutenant's woman!
I had not realised she was Canadian, but I had guessed she was not English, she is more tenacious and less daunted by class than most.