Monday, 9 November 2009

That was the weekend that was

Saturday we plunged into the sulphurs fug that descends upon London at this time each year to celebrate the metaphysical burning of Catholics, well OK, not ALL Catholics per se, but Guy Fawkes.
Every single Au-pair we have had furrows her brow trying to understand the phenomena that is Bonfire Night. They never do, but it was really rather brilliant this year.
Even princess I'm Bored seemed to enjoy the fireworks which we always go and see on Blackheath.
Previously I managed to schlep all the way to Bromley by bus and then forget to get the two things I went for. One of which was my boot that the bloody dog had chewed the zip of and my magician cobbler has fixed. Curiously poetic justice was deliciously served since I then forgot to buy his coat from the pet shop. The dog is semi hairless, neither pretty or particularly useful at this time of year. trust me it is bloody freezing, frost on the ground etc etc.. Yes yes yes before you all report me I WILL go and get him a coat next week.
I was sidetracked by Little Sister who took me to Bluewater. I used to love a visit there, but it lacks my favourite shops, so now it is a trial. I did buy a fab stripy pair of tights in John Lewis and having been shocked at the rather hideous colour of my current lipstick appears to be in the cold light of a November morning I bought a new one MAC Naked Paris. I'm still waiting!
My second attempt at getting a passport past the first hurdle of the miserable beasts in the Post Office FAILED again. I am on my third attempt tonight!

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materfamilias said...

Naked Paris lipstick and stripey tights? You're ready for anything!