Friday, 6 November 2009

Love and hate Berlin

One for my wish list
and this book is on my wish list too.

And this book I have ordered

What I love about Berlin

  • The space, Berlin has a population of just over 3 million in a space not much smaller than London that houses over 8 million.
  • The trees, they are everywhere.
  • The vistas, they do a fabulous one point perspective vista.
  • The history, every street has a story and you are never more than a stone throw from an iconic piece of architecture
  • The Hamburg Hofbahnhof, one of the most excitingly curated art galleries in the world
  • The footwear, every shop sell such beautiful footwear Think! Birkenstock, I love how sensible/comfortable everything is.
  • The coats, oh such beautifully cut coats they mix them up with their boots to perfection.
  • Vapiano They have branches all over the place but I have only been to the ones in Berlin, it is such a lovely venue, cheap and easy to use.
  • Fantastic train links, truly their infrastructure is a marvel

What I hate about Berlin

  • The smell, they have sewer covers with ventilation holes, THE SMELL is horrible.
  • The exchange rate, OK that is not quite their fault but it is a real pain.
  • The bloody aggressive cyclists.
  • That I have never been there on my own, yes I KNOW that is not their fault either.

So you see what is not to love. I would LOVE to spend a couple of days there on my own just to get a feel of the gallery scene. I know where most small galleries are in London but just have not got a handle on where they are in Berlin.

It will be a while before I return so instead will live vicariously through literature instead.

If you have a moment this weekend to spare please check out this amazing Flickr site. Truly inspirational. The link is to my favourite image which I found by getting involved in this excellently curated Flickr Pool, which of course I am contributing to.

I wanted SO much to see this, but I am bogged down at work and I now have to queue AGAIN to try and send off Kitty's passport, which is akin to a blood sport in this country.


materfamilias said...

At the moment, I'd love a weekend any-city-elsewhere, and you make Berlin sound appealing. I've heard great things about it, but I somehow associate a stark cold concrete-ness with it, and have never felt especially drawn. After all, I've got all the grey I can handle in our fall and winter months here!
I've enjoyed the German Lit I've read, though, altho' most of it is the opposite of upbeat! -- Hans Fallada's Little Man, What Now? was one I remembered as soon as I saw the Fallada on your list.

indigo16 said...

Berlin is like walking through a film set, so many iconic landmarks, you would not be disappointed.