Saturday, 21 November 2009

Christmas time again

Sreepur Cards

I was going to urge you to buy these beautiful cards for Christmas, but they are sold out. Maybe next year. What an amazing set up though, I would have bought the cards just to frame them for myself.
I always make my own cards and am trawling for ideas as we write, luckily I have pared my card list to the bone so I only have to make around 20.
My present list is pretty minimal too, as I go away I tend to only give to those I see i.e, colleagues in my department and close family. This year is as follows;
  • Daisy, tickets to see an Inspector Calls plus a meal out
  • Kitty, trip to Lille Christmas market plus spending money.
  • Lucy, tickets to see The Priory at The Royal Court, plus lunch in the wonderful cafe below.
  • Mother, I have bought some fair trade beads from Africa to make her a necklace, plus hopefully a small still life painting.
  • Julia, she is a tough one, she does have an Amazon wish list cluttered full of some of the worst DVD's you could ever hope to find at the bottom of a jumble sale box of left overs. The list is sprinkled liberally with books from her other two passions in life, witchcraft and cooking roadkill* I did try to locate a book that would maybe combine these skills something like 'How to spit roast the local witch' or 'pickling toads and broom sticks' sadly such a book is still waiting to be written. Last year I ended up buying her daughter a very generous voucher to a gruesome Goth shop on Goodramgate, when I presented it Julia's bottom lip quivered and she actually asked where her present was, so this year sod it I will buy them both a crate of local Meade!
Daisy and Kitty had initially opted for a new phone and an iPod respectively, I told them to smile sweetly at their father who told me only a few weeks ago that he was broke and was saving to buy a house and a car. Two weeks later I discover he has high tailed it to Vietnam on tour with his friend. bear in mind he has just spent a month on honeymoon in Australia and you will see why I sent them in his direction. It is his job to spend the big bucks, if he has any left!
*Julia is really brilliant at making edible the stuff from hedgerows and fields. Clear jelly's and various cordials are her speciality. She is also a BIG fan of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall having been to two of his teaching days at River Cottage


Looking Fab in your forties said...

Why are absent Fathers so useless when it comes to spending money on their kids? I have had to buy Daughter 3 her passport and provisional licence but he bought both these items for Daughters 1 & 2, funny how both were needed as he and wife were jetting off to Cuba, although he has never once took the girls abroad? A trip to Devon in April hardly counts as a great holiday in my book!

materfamilias said...

My chef daughter is a huge Whittingstall fan! She'd be quite impressed at the idea of being able to go to his teaching days.
I haven't even begun to think about Christmas gifties -- usually wait 'til classes are done. And, of course, despite my best intentions, as soon as I start shopping I see so much that I want for myself so it's best to stay out of the shops 'til as late as possible. . .

indigo16 said...

Yes, the girls father has only ever taken them away when he is part of an extended family holiday. I could argue that he does not know what he is missing, but I will be less tolarant if he starts another family and this time does do it.

mater,it is such a shame your daughter cannot fly over, as both my sister and mother raved about the fun they had. And yes, I too struggle to buy for others when so much looks so good for me!