Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Moving on

Well not literally of course, but having unburdened myself in that last post I want to bury it.

I have spent most of today creating a new 'note book' I love spiral bound books to write and draw in, I wish someone out there could spiral bind a ream of recycled paper A5 and sell them, that would be my ideal. Instead Daisy came home with a bag of freebies from visiting a local hospital's pathology lab. Of the many items of junk was a cheap spiral pad that I have customised, much like I did at college. I hate starting a new book both scrap. sketch or note. What I do is take out some pages from the previous one and stick them in the new one that we it does not feel so new, so precious.
I have also done some drawing today This like threading beads is so therapeutic, I love it.

I did buy in Berlin the most beautiful spoon made of horn. There was a whole stall selling spoons and various items of jewellery all made of horn, it was gorgeous, I have been drawing the spoon too, which like 'what I wore today', I find strangely compelling.


materfamilias said...

I love those What I Wore sketches -- wish I could draw!

La Belette Rouge said...

So funny, I LOVE a blank and totally new notebook. To me the emptiness and all the possibility feel like a special kind of magic. Once I am about three pages in the magic seems to dissipate and it becomes just another notebook.