Thursday, 19 November 2009

A week in the life of food

I take the train to work every day which gives me time to read The Guardian. I love skimming through the articles in a way I could not do on the web. However I was left speechless by this trite piece of crap, which despite the papers mantra, smacks just a little too much of the incoherent babbling of a self satisfied middle class white boy, so far removed from reality it defies belief that this paper pays his wages.
If ANYONE needs to write this article it should be a parent, (the one that cooks when they get in from work) because we all know that you could never substitute a shepherds pie with kedgeree! seriously my children can detect an undercooked onion before the fork hits the mouth let alone swapping beef for smoked haddock! Despite all three having the same upbringing they all have very, very different tastes. A more useful article would be ' how to feed three children the same food without cooking three separate meals'.
I am also hamstrung by the following;
  • No cooking with alcohol.
  • No pork of ANY kind.
  • No mince.
  • The au-pair using the last of any ingredient I planned to use that night ( I know you will not sympathise with that one but she is a serious pain in the butt and her food inedible)
Now read his suggestions again and you will see why I would like to punch him.
The reason I work with a very narrow repertoire of dishes is
a) they work
b) they are quick
c) they can be adapted.

Monday: Leftovers from Sunday roast re heated in gravy and poured into a large Yorkshire pudding.
Tuesday: Chicken curry, (although Leyla will not eat this, I can adapt it by leaving off the sauce and doing it with egg fried rice)
Wednesday: Burgers made with homemade chopped beef mixed with fried onion breadcrumbs and an egg. If they are really lucky now the oven is fixed I may serve them with oven chips!
Thursday: Homemade pizza made with a packet bread mix, this is easy because you can adapt the toppings, with a prevailing wind I have been known to get away with tuna and sweetcorn.
Friday: either a ready meal, or if that option has been used up then the easiest stop gap is pasta. I fry an onion with garlic then blend them into a tin of tomatoes and mix that into the pasta with a couple of spoons of marscapone cheese.
Snacks include eggy ,scrambled egg on toast or fried egg on toast. Kitty is addicted to Super Noodles which she is allowed once a fortnight!
Weekend, I am FREE, because they go to their nans/dads and GORGE on all things piggy.
Leyla then eats her favourite food in the world, and it is surprisingly delicious, jacket potato cooked in the microwave and then peeled and mashed with butter with cold tuna and sweetcorn mayonnaise folded in. Don't knock it till you've tried it!
Emin likes my seafood pasta, and I do a mean one pan roast, which gets us through the weekend.
Last night I pushed the boat out and made spag' bol' from scratch.
I have tried other foods but get short shrift from the kids.
So you see Mr Fort, we stick to what we know because it works, so shove it.

Talking of food, if you have made it this far, I am in complete awe of Simply Breakfast
I eat the same breakfast everyday, seriously for 5 days I wrap in a paper towel 2 toasted teacakes smothered in butter and eat them cold, washed down with a coffee. How on earth she conjures up such a range of different breakfasts is a source of wonderment to me. I guess time is one factor. Between 6am and 7am I prepare two packed lunches and 3 breakfasts before running upstairs to get ready in 15 mins. but I am pretty sure even with the whole morning stretching ahead I would revert to type and just eat them hot instead!

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materfamilias said...

I'm right with you in the indignation at your Mr. Fort, except my indignation in tempered with amazement and crazy laughter at the thought that he could seriously suggest, in a public forum no less, Mexican Curry Lamb Stew. I mean, where does the "Mexican" come in? Huh? wtf?