Saturday, 1 May 2010

Anthony Caro @ Annely Juda Fine Art

I had previous to seeing this exhibion had a soul destroying visit to the British Museum, I should have known better, that heady combination of hot spring day + tourists lots and lots of tourists + most popular tourist attraction = unmitigated HELL.
I went to see the Kingdom of Ife thinking it would be a whole range of images and artifacts from that area. NO it was a series of heads, very beautiful heads, but heads, squeezed into a broom cupboard, semi lit, heaving with tourists. £8 for 8 minutes. I could get better value from a premiership football match than that.
I was so utterly disappointed. It of course did not help that I was wearing something a tiny bit too tight which made me really irritable. After I collected my paintings from college I gave up and went home.

The following Saturday having read about this exhibition at Annely Juda
I thought it would be worth a look. It was free and was absolutely amazing, food for the soul.
A truly uplifting exhibition. Monumental pieces, (they are over 6 feet high most of them) by an artist truly at the peak of creativity. I was toatally bowled over and not wearing anything too tight either!

This gallery is so good, I have seen many really good quality exhibitions here, it is on the top floor of a building just off Bond Street, it has a glass roof which opens allowing them to winch in these monumental piece.


materfamilias said...

I just checked and this exhibit will still be on when we're in London -- it's going top of my list. thanks!

La Belette Rouge said...

There is something about these sculptures that so seem to reference the human body. As I look at them I feel like I know what they are referring to---as if I have seen them before---and yet I can't make sense of them.

I do hate a crowded museums. That is why I try to avoid them on weekends. I also tend to shy away from shows that will attract crowds of people who wouldn't otherwise attend a museum.

Liberty London Girl said...

I agree: it's a brilliant space, with often thoughtful, challenging & intriguing art. LLGxx