Friday, 23 July 2010

The final wardrobe watch

So here we are at the end of the journey, who would have thought I could sustain this for so long, and there are more in the 'box' that failed to make it! One reason this would be difficult to sustain is the light, once the mornings get darker it gets harder to photograph. However if I get time I will have a play over the holiday and slip in some specials that I am particularly pleased with. Monday 8/10
Not exactly Gallerina London, more Gallerina St Ives, yet it was lovely and cool to wear and made a change from black. Top from Jigsaw, skirt DKNY via eBay.
Tuesday 9/10
I went downstairs to hang something up in my 'other' wardrobe (my clothes are scattered all over the house because Emin has most of the wardrobe) and spied this top from COS. How on earth I had missed this all summer I don't know, it is a favourite even during the winter as it is easy to layer. This time I wore over some very light asos jersey pants, really comfortable.
Wednesday 5/10
Fine for the weekend but not a 'work' outfit, how could I get it so wrong? Well it was 'that' time of the month and I had lost the will to think so grabbed some stuff off the end of the bed. You know that walk the dog stuff that just hangs around. Really not good. Shirt from Zara, trousers, we are talking vintage here, are from River Island, can you imagine? I would not even look in the window of that shop now, yet I used to buy all my trousers from there.
Thursday 6/10
Another dull day
Friday 10/10
Yeah, you get to see my new COS dress, 1/2 price in the sale, is it not so very chic? It ticks both Paris and Gallerina boxes and I feel like a million dollars in it. I like the swishy tie bit down the side which give the dress it's extra weight. I have also realised the length of this dress is the perfect length for me, so I may be hemming some skirts this summer. I took off the necklace and replaced it with some carnelian studs, much less cluttered.
Overall this has been a very positive experience, I have learnt to;
  • add some colour
  • mix it up more
  • focus more on shape less on shroud
  • create different silhouettes using a belt
  • wear dresses more often

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La Belette Rouge said...

Friday is my FAVORITE!!!! I LOVE that dress. It is very chic!