Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Holiday reading

Until last year I would have described myself as a voracious reader, I could easily read for an hour most evenings, maybe more at the weekend. I do not know what has happened but even if I go to bed by 10pm I am so exhausted I fall asleep in minutes, I have neither the energy or inclination to read.
I find this shocking, yet I guess it's my age, I barely recognise my reflection in passing so it appears my stamina has packed it's bags too. One time I do read is holiday time. I no longer have to remember to hang up the washing, stack the dishwasher and think about the pack lunches for the next day. Instead, especially if it rains I read, well OK after my morning walk and drawing and painting..... so I have bought the following to add to the unread pile from half term. Really not sure about this but I am going on recommendation here.
I love Capote's short stories and I didn't fancy reading In Cold Blood, whilst miles from civilisation is a Scottish shepherds cottage so I though these would be more entertaining instead.

Having struggled to complete London Orbital I thought I might as well read this one too. I am mildly obsessed by literature the centers on London so this should hit the spot. I know some may think I should take a book of Robert Burns poetry which would be more in keeping with the location but it's a holiday not a bloody endurance test...isn't it?

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Looking Fab in your forties said...

I am exactly the same, haven't read a book for a couple of years. I have even taken them on holiday and havent' read them.