Saturday, 3 July 2010

The heat is on

With temperatures outside on their way to 30 degrees and in my teaching room even hotter I pulled out my 'Cornish' bag. This gave me some cooler bottom halves but of course on beach holidays I always wear a Tankini top so there were no extra light tops, or rather none that covered the modesty of my 'bingo wings' which I am happy to parade on the beach but less keen to do so in town. Monday 10/10
LOVE this skirt and it is the first time I have worn it since being given it a couple of years ago from Mother who bought it on a whim in COS and then realised she couldn't wear any of her long tops with it as it has quite a structured waist line. Emin laughed and called it my weird tea-towl skirt, but daisy said it looked great and it is sooo cool. The top is one of 3 I have from Jigsaw, the down side is they are so sheer I have to wear them with a vest.
Tuesday 9/10
Really thought it was cooler, but by midday I was set to combust, I LOVE the trousers from ASOS, cooler than they look but the top from COS was too thick and by the time I went home I was baking!
Wednesday 10/10
LOVE the mix of colours, it is such a shame I have not collected more lighter skirts but truly this is the first summer we have had for 3 years. This skirt is very old from French Connection, no way would they do this style now. It is so big I grip the back with one of Kitty's hair ties! worn guessed it a Jigsaw top. Again with the vest, I was checked by the vest police before I left the house. Some of you will spit your tea out at the appalling sexist nature of that remark but that is the nature of living with a Muslim and after 12 years I have learnt to accept it.
Thursday 3/10
Yes I love the shirt from Zara and the linen trousers too from Zara are great, but all bloody day I was irritated and finally it dawned on me that this shirt needs a more toned down colour on the lower half, so next time I will wear them with some very old linen combats in a very washed out brown.
Friday 7/10
Love the skirt from Primark via EBay hate that bloody stegosaurus GAP top, but it was loose and kept me cool.
I have been desperately trying to find some cooler tops but only seem to find bottoms, maybe I should slink back to Jigsaw and suck up the prices. Of course once found the rain will arrive as it always does once I break up!

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