Saturday, 17 July 2010

Wardrobe watch No 13

The temperature are dropping all be it slowly, so the cardies are back out although my teaching room is still very very hot, airless and muggy. Monday 10/10
New dress from Phase Eight, only £20 so a bargain as it is loose and fluid and slightly more flattering than the photograph. Worn over grey Falke footless tights.
Tuesday 9/10
I have decided this dress in an inch too short in the body, that means I must have put on a couple of pounds and so I blame the dress for reminding me of this, the cardie is new, I have coveted this colour for a number of years the and those early lacklustre wardrobe watch posts galvanised me into brightening up my wardrobe. Dress from COS cardie from Kew
Wednesday 10/10
Yeah, finally got to try out my new belt, I have discovered though trial and error that it works best if you wrap the cardie rather than do it up using the buttons, I have subsequently tried it on with some t shirts too and it works just as well so this is really going to be useful. My one tiny niggle is because I am not as thin as I maybe should be it does scrunch up a little by the end of the day. Despite this it has updated quite a few dull and somewhat shapeless cardies. Cardie from COS, skirt from Kew, belt from Asos.
Thursday 10/10
Only one degree of separation from PJ's really yet I love this combination as the Jersey is very fluid and so falls beautifully, pants from Asos, top from Muji.
Friday 10/10
Again my other harem pants from Asos with the top I wear a LOT from Southwold, with a jersey cardie from Banana Republic.

Not the most varied of weeks but less frumpy than some, I am having to cope with about three seasons in a day as my classroom is tropical and yet outside it is gale force winds and heavy showers.
I have started to put together some holiday stuff, I am determined to have a break from black and instead enjoy some denim and stripes this holiday, I am even despite Mother beginning to look forward to it!


materfamilias said...

Lucky you -- you wear a belt v. well! I like that look, but anytime I try it, my short waist points out what a big mistake it is.
And I like the colour of that cardigan -- not a colour I can wear, but I can see it would be perfect for you.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Love the Kew cardigan, it really brightens the outfit up!

La Belette Rouge said...

I am loving Thurday's pj like ensemble. The sleeve is great on that top.