Monday, 5 July 2010

Something for the weekend

I feel like I have just been thrown down a mile long helter-sketer and spat out such was the head spinning speed at which this weekend went by.
I lost most of Saturday by having a lie in, by that I mean I actually made it past 9am, but the knock on effect of this is that although you feel rested you end up at 8pm where you should be at 5pm.
Daisy had left the previous day for her marathon road trip to Liverpool. I had arranged to pick her up from her prom the following night but was suprised to see The Worlds Most Expensive Prom Dress still swinging from it's hanger in her room. I phoned to check if she had forgotten it and it transpired she had decided to wear her cheer leading outfit! Which before you raise an artful eyebrow cost the same as her prom dress!! Yes I give you a cheer leading outfit that cost one hundred and fifty effing pounds. It was apparently custom made and came with silver spanx hence the astronomical cost of what was essential a gym slip and top. Daisy of course failed to leave me any information about where the prom was and convinced she was dancing the night away I did not phone her. I drove to the only hotel I knew at Brands Hatch, the only info I had was the place. WRONG there are two hotels and since I had no map we spent 40mins trying to locate each other. After dropping her friends off I crawled into bed at 2.20am exhausted. It transpired they had arrived at their prom at 11.30pm! ONE HOUR they had, £40 for one hour her friend changed into her £250 prom dress for ONE HOUR.
Small comfort but at least Daisy has a second prom tonight having deserted her poor beau for 4 hours she is going with him tonight thankfully in a club up town so it will be the night bus for her.
Sunday I had booked tickets for Women beware Women at the National Theatre, she was tired irritable and generally in a BAD MOOD, I loved the play I thought it very dark but very funny and brilliantly executed. She hated it and was V grumpy. I have not seen her since but will have to go home early and sew her into her dress since despite expensive alterations it still falls down!

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Looking Fab in your forties said...

Kids eh, do your head in, don't they! I had a phone call from my eldest 3.39am on Sunday morning on her way to the airport asking me to go online and buy her holiday insurance as she had forgotten. I wouldn't mind but she works in Thomas Cook! I was still awake at 5am and didn't wake up till 10!