Sunday, 25 July 2010

Wish List

How lovely is this satchel? I am beginning to need/ want a new one as both my current bags are looking quite battered. This could be The One. Jas M.B leather satchel from asos

I am still searching for a pair of Khaki trousers, summer is nearly over yet none have appeared in the sale sadly. Maybe next year. Both these images come from Vogue Japan website, I went there thinking I would get loads of inspiration from Tokyo etc. Instead the street style section is a sea of western cities!

I particularly loved this top and trouser combination and even toyed with a cream top from Fenn Wright Manson, not long after I spilt something down the top I was wearing and realised a cream top was really just an accident waiting to happen! Plus it has sold out now.

Lairds hat shop in Covent Garden is an amazing shop full of highly desirable head wear, I will be taking one of Emin's hats to Scotland accessorising it with a very fetching midge net instead!


Looking Fab in your forties said...

Have you tried Gap for your khaki trousers? if not I'd check out ebay. Love the bag by the way!

materfamilias said...

Good call on the satchel -- maybe while you're in Scotland, you'll talk your Mother into buying it for you ;-)
Vis-a-vis your clever non-purchase of the cream top, I bought some white linen pieces on sale in Paris -- they're not translating so well to life on the island!