Friday, 9 July 2010

Wardrobe watch 12

I thought initially I would have run out of steam by now, but we are two weeks away from the end of term and the start of my holiday so I have decided to keep going until then. Plus I have only replicated myself a couple of times a testament to layered dressing and having it seems quite an extensive wardrobe.
I suffer from repetitive purchase syndrome but unlike Blighty I do not appear to limit this to dresses. No, once hooked on harem pants I will buy 5 so in the end you could argue I should buy one expensive pair. Sadly that would never ever scratch the surface of an itch and so I gain inordinate amounts of pleasure from my repetitive buying habits. The most notorious being my predilection for grey cardigans shades and shapes of which provide an endless source of pleasure!
New found pleasure has been via belts and dresses, the latter is less successful as 9 times out of 10 the dress is cut for someone with a shorter body than mine but I am really beginning to love dresses they make me feel for some reason less frumpy. Monday 10/10
You may think this boring but this is the classic case of black just not photographing well. The movement in this dress is wonderful, it is light and hangs like a dream, from COS worn over some cuffed jersey pants from asos which though quite warm day kept me surprisingly cool.
Tuesday 10/10
These are my most recent harem pants only £20 from asos they are so cool & comfortable and I think look amazing. The top is the one with organza flowers around the neck, this has fast become my favourite black top, a fluke purchase from Southwold. Cardie from COS
Wednesday 11/10
Inspired or what? Having bought 3 pairs of black jersey trousers I had forgotten all about last years Zara ones, they have tiny buttons and gather at the base. I had seen up town a number of women wearing them with a narrow skirt and longer tunic a silhouette I liked a LOT. I dug around my cupboard and found this lovely heavy silk skirt bought from eBay some years back, I generally wore it with wide leg trousers but swapped them for these and a black sleeveless top.
Thursday 6/10
I though on paper this looked good, but a number of problems raised their head during the day. It was baking hot so I took the cardie off. I had worn a very heavy belt with the top and for some reason nothing gelled. The skirt from COS I now realise is too long. Whose fault is that ? Mine, I for some reason took down the hem and looking at this picture I realise it does not work below the knee. Time to get out the sewing machine!
Friday 10/10
I was going to wear this last week as it is such a cool dress to wear when it is this hot. I was startled to see I had dropped something down it but luckily it hand washed beautifully which is just as well as I have just spilt coffee down it, seriously am I clumsy or dyspraxic? And to think I was toying with a white shirt the other day.
Cardie from Primark dress from COS, they have one in black now with long sleeves I am beginning to wish I had bought it.


materfamilias said...

I love Wednesday's skirt and Friday's striped cardigan -- I love dresses as well, and could happily wear Monday's or Friday's.

indigo16 said...

Completetly forgot to name the cardie from Primark...£5 and it's cotton. It is so lovely I would have paid 4X the price!

La Belette Rouge said...

I am loving the skirt over the pants. Great look. I also like the striped cardigan. I will admit I am addicted to the Breton stripe.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

You must have loads of clothes but I am so glad you are going to keep going for a few weeks yet, I have loved these posts!