Saturday, 18 December 2010

Farewell, untill next year...

So my little bloguettes when you read this I will be on a plane to Cyprus via Istanbul. Well weather permitting of course, we could also equally have missed our plane having got stuck in snow, or I could be stuck at Heathrow waiting for a delayed flight or we could be schlepping back home after a cancelled flight, so many options!!
I have, to oil the wheels of stress, bought some books to read, I can't face a massive tome so I have bought some light reading for the journey....and long wait.

I am currently totally absorbed by The Ultimate Guide to Mad Men, when the final credits rolled I had a huge MM hole in my life which this will plug a little, it is difficult to explain why this more then many other series rocks my boat but it does, I LOVE the music, the attention to detail, the fashion, the fact most of the characters are so flawed yet ultimately forgivable.. I could go on.. but the book is great in a very self indulgent way.

Next up Peter Bogdanovich's Who The Hell's In It
I love books about films and film stars, it's a world that fascinates me and horrifies me at the same time, that such magical world's can be created by such shallow people. I have read many, many books about Hollywood so I am looking forward to this one.

I may get inspired to cook in Cyprus by reading Elizabeth David's Is There a Nutmeg in the House? Although sadly there won't be as we are unable to leave any food in between visits for fear of cockroaches. The house is unsecure at present because of some ridiculous shutters his mother had installed, this means we have walls covered in lizard shit because they live in the space above the shutters roller mechanism, and the odd dead husk of a cockroach that accidentally wanders in.
Finally my airport lounge indulgence, I thought I would try a Peter James novel, although now it has arrived I can quickly see a PD James he aint!
These plus Orhan Pamuk's Museum of Innocence should cover most delays and the early dark nights without a television.

I always get very, very melancholic at this time of year, I wistfully gaze at the decked trees of others and wish I could stay and for once enjoy a traditional family Christmas replete with crap television and family squabbles. Churlish I know since I will instead bask in warmer climes. Once I'm there I will be less irritable I hope.

Mmmm Trees, so where are this years photographs, well best laid plans as always. The intention was to crack it using my SLR, Kitty was to be my assistant and hold the dog, we were waiting until this week for the tree's to go up and low, Kitty is in bed with flu, the weather is atrocious and already it is Friday, I could cry, still always next year and at least I will be around for longer as we are unable to fly until the 23rd, although having looked at the temperatures in Helsinki ( next years Christmas holiday destination) he may be having second thoughts!

So Mwah, Mwah, back before you know it and I may even manage to avoid a stay in hospital this time!!

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materfamilias said...

have a lovely time, lizards and all. Soak up some sunshine, and remember to take more and more and more of your photographs. Meanwhile, we'll do our best to include some crap television and some family squabbles in the Christmas mix, just for you! mwah, mwah right back at you. . .