Friday, 17 December 2010

Wardrobe Watch

Well I have just about cracked the self portrait using the timer, sadly I had a flat battery on Wednesday and so had to use the SLR which as I so rarely RTFM I clearly failed to put the camera on the right setting, hence the hideous orange hue.
It is quite liberating going back to choosing the clothes day by day instead of checking to see if I have a photograph in my folder already, plus you get to see the right colour tights and which jewellery I chose.


I was still a little unsure as to whether my room would still be warm so layered up, by break the spotty thermal was off and it finally meant I could dress for a normal temperature rather than the arctic conditions I have endured since moving to the new school. Just as I was about to write the list I realised it is all from COS apart from the thermal which is Uniqlo, well at least it is not all from one season! You can just see a very pretty Murano glass necklace with it.


Probably my most flattering silhouette although the button straining on the skirt might suggest otherwise, it was because I was pulling the pocket...honest!

Jumper Next
Skirt H&M
Boots Wolky

So I finally glam it up for the school Christmas dinner, the highlight of my festive social calender and the bloody battery is flat so you can't see how amazing this top looks.
I am so eating a smallish slice of humble pie here as it is from Zara! I returned the skirt on Saturday and I have amazing peripheral vision so standing at the till I catch a glimpse of spots, remember how much I coveted a D&G spotty chiffon shirt? Well I had given it little thought but spying this on the hanger my radar went mad. But NO, I thought I am not going to be sucked into the vortex of Zara's disappointing web again, NO. So I casual flick through the rack and spy XL, BOLLOCKS, NO, I walked away and decided no more the spell of Zara......So Yes I went back and thought HA, I know, try it on, it will look crap....BOLLOCKS, it looks lovely so I bought it.
Humble pie consumed.
I have read very little about Zara until this week when I had to research some information for Kitty's D&T project. It is amazing how that company operates and I have to admire their strategy. Did you know they don't advertise? and they deliberately don't produce much of each item so as to create a sense of when it;s gone it's gone so people always grab their size when they see it (hey if the cap fits) knowing it won't stay there long. This of course makes people visit more often as they have a much greater turn over of styles plus 50% of the clothes are not out sourced so they can go from sketch to shop much quicker too.
So I will be sucked into the vortex once more, but just a little wiser!
Shirt Zara
Trousers Toast
Necklace EB

I love this jumper and realised to see it in all it's glory I would have to artfully raise my arm
Jumper COS
Skirt Jigsaw
Shoes Beautifeel
Necklace Noa Noa

Well sorry this is so not very flattering, yet it is, I guess the photograph emphasises my somewhat triangular shape, but I love this retro batwing top it is a dark navy blue with some wonderful pattern cutting that creates a very narrow bottom.
Of course you see a very different image to me, I work on a wide screen monitor that stretches my photographs, I once checked my blog on Leyla's apple and could not believe how much slimmer I looked on a normal monitor!
Trousers Uniqlo
Silver rope necklace Toast


materfamilias said...

These are all fun -- and all so very you. You've really achieved a consistency that I don't think I'm quite at. That Zara top is great -- I've long since given up shopping there, mainly because it's such work -- there's always a line-up for the change-rooms, and so often items that fit me don't fit me, if you know what I mean. That is, they're clearly the right size, but not flattering on my proportions, esp. my waist of a certain age. . .
Are you off now? Have a great holiday, if you can get where you're going despite all that snow. Stay warm. Take lots of wonderful photos. . .

La Belette Rouge said...

I am mad for that black skirt. If you tire of it feel free to send it to me.
Mater is right. You are so in your sweet spot in terms of your style. Well done!

Mardel said...

I agree that you seem to have achieved a deliciously interesting consistency in your style. That doesn't sound right but I hope you know what I mean.

I'm mad for that black jumper with the red skirt.