Thursday, 16 December 2010

A view Interupted

I have since the holiday to Scotland been experimenting, This time last year I was happy enough to use my Lumix but the Cyprus holiday made realise just how limiting it was and having used the SLR I realised there was no going back. However my eyesight is not what it was so I had a tendency to use the auto focus not trusting what I saw. Yes, I know there is a setting on the view finder but call me lazy so I seemed happy enough with my results.
I then read a book about one of my favourite photographers Uta Barth and in it she discusses the need to control your field of focus, it was like a veil being lifted I realised that digital photography had made me lazy and that when I was using my original Pentak K1000 I had to do everything manually and that is what made taking the photographs challenging and fun. So I turned off the AF and I have never looked back. It helps that I have two awesome lenses to help me but on the whole I am 100% happier with finding a clearer voice through the lens.
These are some experiments, my fixation with colour will never leave me I think my training in textiles is always evident as in my mind I see these as fabric designs made into skirts or shift dresses. Maybe Paul Smith would be interested!! Clearly digital imaging has transformed fashion you only have to look at the work of Peter Pilotto to see why.
I am almost in shock at the speed the end of term arrived at. Unlike last year I have no painting classes to look forward to, but in a sense that is not a problem because I feel happy enough to move forward by myself. I am taking a shed load of painting to complete in Cyprus just in case it rains every day, if it is sunny, well all the better for my photography.
I keep saying it but I really want to produce two blurb books by the end of the year, if I have resolutions that has to be one.
My sartorial style too has improved beyond all recognition thanks to the camera which rally has helped to focus my mind on what works and what just looks like a lazy dogs dinner. I would like to think I make less mistakes and I have learnt the value of using jewellery in a bolder way. It is definitely my new squeeze.
A second resolution should be to buy less and focus on better pieces, but most important of all I really should get to grips with my bank balance and stop being so pathetic as to avoid even a cursory glance at my balance but actually look at where all the money goes each month, especially with a summer holiday to pay for.


La Belette Rouge said...

They look like paintings----like abstractions. I love how initially I want to make sense of them and know what they are and then I decide that what they are doesn't matter---what matters is their beauty. It is a lovely moment of letting go that these images opens the viewer to.

Mardel said...

These photos are so beautiful I keep coming back to them to look at them again and again. I want them to fill my dreams.