Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Profligacy V Serendipity

So, I am still here, despite our..well, his best efforts we failed to get re-booked. The next flight we were offered after 4 days of hanging on the phone was the 28th, I would have taken it but he has decided to try for half term. Instead I am attempting to head north for a bickering family Christmas, the problem being that our Christmas holiday comes out of our joint savings, this sojourn will be paid for by me and since I blew all my money and some on two handsome meals out I am broke, and even broker after what should have been a brief trip to Bromley to meet Kitty and swap cases for a more train friendly one. She was late, I was early, so I killed time drinking a coffee from Pret which happened to be opposite GAP, well they had a sale on and who am I to turn my nose up at cut price tat? Even the sales assistant marvelled at what good value for money my haul was!! 2 black dresses, one oh so Yojhi and one a cross breed 60's frump with Celine, plus two merino wool jumpers both working that Margaret Howell vibe. Some Picture later but my swag bag totalled £50. Not bad eh?
However seeing family means a token gift so money saved has been blown on trinkets and fripperies, but how weird that I should find so much that fitted and looked good in a shop I would never visit but for the lateness of Kitty, who arrived escorted by her step mum...ouch.

PS My sister made her connecting train from niece to Marseilles with 5 mins to spare, she took a full 30mins to catch her breath!! They then got to Paris to scenes of utter bedlam verging on hysteria, but she is 6 feet and all woman and somehow got on her train the last one that night, they arrived in London at 3.30am it was so cold the doors had frozen shut and had to be opened manually! She was at her desk the following day, that must be some bonus.

Thank you to you all for your commiseration's

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materfamilias said...

I'm sure Santa appreciates the help -- he wanted you to have the goodies and prefers to have you try on to save you the trouble of returning, right?
Although it might be a hit to the bankbook, you clearly need a few treats to get you through the adjusted holiday season. May there continue to be some pleasant surprises along the way so that you find a Merry Christmas for yourself!