Monday, 13 December 2010

The view from here

Is this not an amazingly zingy colour clash? Whilst I could never wear it, on a very dull drizzly day it was a really uplifting sight.
as was this..!
My favourite word is Moose, my sister likes it so much it was what she named her cat. If anyone asked me my favourite animal I would almost by default say a dolphin, but actually there are worse things than being a moose, we managed to spy a couple of elk whilst in Sweden once, I was SOO excited and I would be equally happy to have this in my house.

Finally, a necklace to drool over in the window of Paul Smith. it is difficult to see but inside the beads were little toy plastic insects!
I have survived a weekend of Mother, as always she was unwell so it was a case of pandering to her needs whilst ensuring she felt it was worth the trip. She had baulked initially that we had booked J Sheekeys but thank God we did because it is officially my favourite place to dine, despite the almost comical staff and even more comical diners, there is something very magical about this place. Mother did sadly however manageto embarrass me by loudly asking if we should "move on" having spied the prices, she then ordered two starters I swear just to make a point, it was her Christmas present and we wanted it to be special, why can't she just enjoy the moment? I know she has spent far more on far less in the past. Despite this and Kitty's refusal to join us even though it will be her only time spent with my family this Christmas and New Year the evening was a triumph not least because Leyla was very entertaining and after a large glass of wine I gave up caring.
The food & drink were a triumph.
Sunday, after a lovely lunch was somewhat marred by a visit to the Estorick collection. In my head I had envisaged a lovely regency house filled with Italian art and furniture a bit like Fenton House in Hampstead I was looking forward to some Modigliani and Morandi, nothing could have been further from the truth. We were met by a soulless house not much bigger than the one I live in. It was empty of everything but a few very very horrible paintings hung against cheap whitewashed walls I felt violated! A lesson learned always send someone in to scout the place before dragging guests around.
Now I have to tackle the packing as we fly away next Saturday


La Belette Rouge said...

I envy that gal's esprit. I feel like I am going wild when I add taupe, grey, and navy to my wardrobe. So no, I would not wear that combo.
LOL! I love that Moose is your favorite word. Do you also like mousse?;-)
That is a brilliant necklace. I can imagine wearing it to work when I work with kids. I think it would be a big hit.
Sorry about your mother. I know that sense of wishing "she" could just enjoy the moment. Mine can't either.

materfamilias said...

Impatient as I can get with my mom's lack of memory, inability to make a decision except passively, etc., hearing about yours always makes me realize I should count my blessings. Oh, I do hope we're able to do better as we age -- I suspect that some of that will have to do with figuring out what makes us happy right now -- and knowing that Moose is the favourite word/animal and that zingy colour combos give us pleasure and that whimsical necklaces make us smile? -- good start!