Friday, 10 December 2010

Wardrobe watch mash up

So having been snowed out of school last week my sartorial style crumbled into a bag lady mash up, nothing to be proud of but my house is cold, the main problem I have is once I have donned enough layers I can barely move my limbs! You will notice towards the end of the post that I have finally worked out how to take a self portrait using the trusty Lumix on a tripod with the timer, I never thought I would get a decent picture because of the lack of light but with one studio lamp burning my flesh away it is possible to get a half way acceptable photograph. however before that here is last weeks.

So the snow was falling, time to get out my lovely wellies, the ones I bought in Scotland, they have been brilliant and Toggi appear to do other kinds of riding boot too which may just fit my fat calves. The dress is a thin cotton but layered over thermals and wool tights and worn with a cardie it worked well.

Dress COS
Cardie Uniqlo
Tights Falke
Boots Toggi
Necklace by me

Tuesday this week

I found this cardie whilst searching for a lost hoodie for Daisy, I think I gave up wearing it when I caught a glimpse of myself and thought I looked like an American Football player, however I decided to give it another go.

Dress COS
Cardie Great Plains
Vest Uniqlo
Pumps Peacocks


What a mess these photographs are but the outfit was perfect, yes photographs can lie! I like the bronze boots with the bronze necklace, that is the problem though the boots clash with my silver jewellery.

Skirt H&M
Necklace Betty Jackson for Debenhams


Yeah finally cracked it,

Jumper Toast
Skirt +J Uniqlo
Necklace from a really lovely shop near The British Museum I thought I had a close up shot of it but deleted it by mistake, it is woven silver something I have always wanted.

Friday last week

Not in a million years did I ever intend to wear this in public but I knew I was going to have to wear the boots that snag my tights so these were going to have to take the bullet for me, I took the photograph ages ago after visiting the Japanese fashion exhibition it was my homage to Yohji! I'm pleased I wore it now.

Dress Great plains
Skirt M&S
Tights M&S

Friday today

Sadly leaning back highlights my paunch! still never mind, yes, these are bare feet, we have underfloor heating so my feet feel like they are going to combust all the time, plus those bloody trousers ride up when I'm wearing knee highs so I took off my socks.

Jumper Massimo Dutti
Trousers Zara
Necklace EB

Not a brilliant week but now the heating is back on at work maybe some sartorial style can be restored.


La Belette Rouge said...

Your style just gets better and better. Love those Toggo boots. Happy weekend!xo

materfamilias said...

Ah, those stripes, such fun! Yes, a bit over the top together, but life's too short to play it safe always. . . I'm really enjoying all these looks -- love the knotty necklace.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I think I need to get some necklaces, I love the way you wear them!

Mardel said...

Oh I love your outfit posts and you look so fabulous, even in stripes. I had forgotten how much I missed these posts.