Thursday, 9 December 2010

My room 'Selby' style

So visually quite cute but in terms of facilitating my Mojo, nil point. The care I lavished on getting this room ready you would not belive, I don't know what the matter is really, Instead I will bring the paints back to school tail between my legs and carve out a few hours each week in my office.

Alpha male never one to miss a trick money wise has decided to move his hideous sister and her vile children* in next year so he can rent her house out for a couple of years,, this way he can squirrel away even more money to invest in even more property. Can you believe it? No one likes the idea apart from him because as I explained he controls everything and so never has to compromise, stung by this he did at least attempt to justify his decision but could not other than to say I could have a new kitchen. I did not tell him to shove it but did mention that his sister is such a leach and her children so utterly destructive it will be us that have to leave once he has saved up enough money for a deposit on yet another house to mortgage. He of course declared this is nonsense, but it is an ill wind coming this way and I for one will not be coming home early once they arrive.

Having written this a few days ago I realise I sound more irritated than I am, I'm used to his behaviour, we have been together for 13 years which is the longest of any of my relationships, It has never been an easy conjunction of minds but we have agreed we are in it for the long haul and I believe him.

I have learnt from reading many, many blogs that I am very lucky and instead of dwelling on the negatives blogging has taught me to focus on what good can be extrapolated from any experience, which is what my intention will be. Less time in the house and more time for photography, plus I may screw an ipad out of him. Meanwhile due to contractual obligations at work we will finally be going on an adventure next Christmas, yes I know it is a long way off but for me half the fun is in the planning so I am finally getting to Helsinki...Yeah, via Berlin of course but even so how cool is that? Yes seriously how cold? Plus I have convinced him to rent a flat for our next stay in Berlin so we can feel more like a local, so you see some of the fringe benefits are worth it...mmm aren't they!

* I use the word children in the loosest sense of the word both in their twenties they should be old enough to have buggered off but instead cling to their mother despite fighting almost daily. On the plus side they do both work.


materfamilias said...

the room's so cute, should be perfect, but since it's not working for you, I guess it makes sense to haul stuff back to school. Such a shame.
I could NOT stand having anyone else stay with us for more than, oh, a week. Maybe because I grew up in a huge family and now I value my own space. Paul's much better at it, but that's at least partly because he doesn't so quickly attune himself to other's needs-- I can't seem to switch that button off so I either feel guilty for not doing enough of what others want OR I do it and then feel grumpy 'cause I don't get what I need.

I appreciate your qualification re yours and Emin's relationship -- I know you're far from being the sort to stay a victim, so recognize that there must be more there than usually creeps into the blog, but it's good to see it articulated somehow. Men . . .

Mardel said...

The qualification is good, the one-sidedness of a blog can sometimes be confusing. I can't imagine having anyone come in to live. Much as I love the children I am happy when they leave at the end of the week.

Oops, I do have someone living in. I am not always adjusting well. We will see what happens.