Monday, 6 December 2010

Lost...3 days of my life, when found, please return to...

Most people would cheer and hang out the bunting once released from the onerous duties of teaching, but oh, not me. Instead I sobbed into my blanket of snow and schlepped home knowing that I would achieve nothing as long as Alpha male managed to get under my feet and irritate the life out of me. All that man seems to do is mooch about the house eating and watching tele, well actually he does have the odd spurt of work, but not enough to keep him out of my bloody hair. The problem with being stuck at home is I invariably end up walking the dog and cooking and looking after Leyla, (what I categorically failed to achieve is any of my own work, my room of my own has failed.)
Still, what amazing walks they were, very beautiful ,crunchy, crisp snow and the silence....
In fact it was a kind of deja-vu moment from last January when I ended up back to work just to sit down. After two day cooped up I escaped to the big smoke, not a trace of snow to be found it was like a different world, the the foot of snow I had left behind just 20 min's away.
I had a ticket for GSK Contemporary, at first I thought the show was mediocre, but actually I was wrong, it was really good, what didn't work was the venue, the problem with Burlington House is it is so very beautiful inside, it fights for attention and always wins. it worked better as the Museum of Mankind where the ancient artifacts tended to merge seamlessly with the period detail, put anything contemporary in there and it is swamped. So really this would be a great exhibition had it been shown at the Barbican.
Afterwards I mooched about town before meeting Lucy for a pre theatre bite to eat at the much anticipated Deux Salons. I didn't like it much, actually the service was fantastic as is the space and they sell the best value dry martini ever. What I hated was the food, cooked by men for men, far too much meat and served in a pan which I hate. I ordered my favourite duck confit only for it to arrive with half a sausage AND a piece of ham hock! Plus what the hell were plates invented for? I realise it is a cunning device to avoid washing up and also to keep the food hot but even so.... I also had indigestion all night not least because we had to run over the bridge (why am I always late?) to Season's Greetings on at The National, 3/5 for me but very entertaining nevertheless.
So enough about me, lets get down to some visuals for you to skim...
First up one from last week, LOVE her style.
On the street Islington
Me all wrapped up
I realise that I was wearing 3 different coloured leathers....mmm, not good. It's funny how when the cold arrives sartorial style goes out the window, I get very experimental when I'm cold! Could those boots BE any less flattering? But oh so comfortable.

After GSK Contemporary I walked down Savile Row, I rarely go in the week so I was fascinated by seeing all the tailors working in the basements below

The shops upstairs are very grand too!

I saw this woman walking towards Bruton Street and loved her style, so no surprise that she walked into Issey Miyake then.

These dresses were at the Barbican exhibition, I loved them then and love them now, so clever.

In stark contrast My Sartorial god Yohji was layering up big time, I covet all these clothes hugely.

Miu Miu

What larks to be had here, you know those Keystone Cops movies where everything runs a little faster than real time? Well picture the scene at Miu Miu hours before the opening...

Piles of bags

Vats of chrysanthemums.

Cleaners polishing..

Random people watching

beautifully dressed assistants styling.
The next day the chrysanthemums had gone... replaced by mannequins, more tomorrow on that window.
But now onto Jermyn Street
It's at times like this I want time to stand still, London is so lovely at this time of year, yes I know I said that last week but I need to remind myself how lucky I am to have this, I don't covet what's inside much... OK, maybe just all of Yohji, but I do love peering in. I had said last year I would focus on corporate Christmas trees this year but I have been too sidetracked so a few shop ones may have to suffice, I do love this one with the red buses.
Then down to Covent Garden, this street was just a back water a year ago, look at it now, it runs down the side of COS and look stunning at this time of year.

More tomorrow. Now to catch up on all of you...


Johanne said...

Wonderful photography! London is a neverending love affaire.

But how frustrating that it´s so hard for you to work at home.

Creativity is both a blessing and a curse sometimes. Nothing is more fulfilling. I wonder if you ever feel you´ve done enough, though? Don´t you always yearn to do more?

materfamilias said...

Wow! This is what you did in three lost days?? I'd say you found some very productive time in there, magically, against the odds. These photos are such an invitation -- you live in a fabulous place, but you already know that, don't you?

Oh, and big, big congrats to Daisy -- fine results on her essay!!

La Belette Rouge said...

Best to put a "in case found, return to" tag on your days---that way if they are found they can be returned. Your photographs are, as Johanne and Mater said, are magical and wonderful. I wish I had your courage with a camera. I feel shy about taking photos on my own. Not sure why that is.

indigo16 said...

Thanks bloguettes,
Johanne, I never feel that I have even touched the surface of what I want to achieve, creativity is like one of those dreams where you are constantly trying to get somewhere but never make it in time.
Mater, I realise now that actually just a day up town was very productive and I should be grateful I made it at all.
Belette, seriously so many people take photographs that I don't think people notice so much. there is an iphone ap that allows you a level of secrecy that is good fun!

Mardel said...

Your photos are fabulous! You remind me that I must find my camera battery and charger.

And it is terrible about finding a space and time at home. I understand this and am trying to wrench away my own little private space both physically and mentally.